Image by ivabalk via Pixabay

You’ve seen most using goji berries in herbal soups and supplements – but what’s so special about them? Here are 5 benefits of eating goji berries that will have you wanting more after knowing their benefits! 

1. Rich in antioxidants

Rich in antioxidants, eating goji berries can protect your cells when exposed to the elements in the air, such as radiation. 

2. Good for vision.

Yes, we’ve all heard our mothers and grandmothers repeatedly saying that eating goji berries is good for our vision, but exactly how true is that? Turns out that this fact is indeed backed up by science! Rich in antioxidants, particularly in zeaxanthin that can help to protect your eyes from those harmful UV rays and free radicals.

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3. Control sugar level.

From a research in 2015, it shows that goji berries have the properties to balance the insulin and glucose levels in the blood. It might be able to help lower blood sugar! This is also a good alternative to sweets and candies if you have a sweet tooth as dried goji berries are sweet yet low in calories! One ounce of goji berries only has 23 calories!  

4. Improves skin complexion.

Did you know that Goji berries contain the same ingredient used widely in skin lotions and cream? Beta-carotene is known for its ability to promote healthy skin by protecting the skin against UV rays, reducing skin irritation and improving the complexion of the skin. It’s also the reason why Goji berries are bright orange-red! 

5. Increase testosterone levels.

Eating goji berries are believed to be able to increase one’s sexual fertility too! A study done on rats has proved that consuming goji berries has significantly increase testosterone levels, the sperm quantity and movement, as well as shortening erection and ejaculation response. Some even suggest that goji berries might be an alternative to Viagra for treating erectile dysfunction. 

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Goji berries may be small, but they sure are packed with many nutritious ingredients that provide lots of health benefits for the body. They are often considered a superfood as they contain so much nutritional value.  Add goji berries to your diet to boost your overall well-being! However, do note for those who have low blood sugar level as eating goji berries may continue to lower your blood sugar level. If you have digestive or gastrointestinal issues, do consult a doctor too before adding goji berries to your diet. 

Here’s how to use add Goji berries to your diet!

Mix them into your cereal or yogurt, just like how you would add raisins and berries to your meal. You can also let it steep in a cup of hot water and drink it as tea or blend it together with other fruits for your smoothie. You can also use it in your cooking, adding them to chicken soup or any other soup for sweetness. Most importantly, do remember to buy them from reputable sources such as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) stores in Singapore!