No matter which local community you belong to, we’ve all heard how important it is for moms to have their confinement period after childbirth. With tons of restrictions such as no washing of hair, isolation in the bedroom etc, it is a standard practice to engage a confinement nanny that can help to prepare confinement meals packed with Traditional Chinese Herbs (TCM) or tonics and look after the newborn if family members or relatives are unable to look after the mom. 

Confinement nannies are usually recommended via word-of-mouth, or engaged via a confinement nanny agency. The latter would be less of a hassle as they have vetted the profile of the nanny before recruiting them, and legal documents like work permit (if they are from Malaysia) are also taken care of by the agency. It’s also best to book nannies 6 months before the estimated delivery date. 

If you’re uncomfortable with the thought of having a stranger staying overnight at your house, you can engage a part-time nanny that works office hours. However, certainly most of us being moms are not comfortable at the thought of leaving your newborn to a complete stranger to look after or just blindly trust a confinement nanny agency to choose a suitable nanny.  Don’t worry, we’ve done the homework for you. Check out the list below for 5 recommended confinement nannies in Singapore!

Super Nanny services

Other than the standard languages most confinement nanny agency provide – english, chinese, malay, SuperNanny services can also provide a Japanese translator for Japanese family! Their nannies are from Singapore and Malaysia, usually aged above 50 years old with at least 3 to 5 years of experience.

Confinement Angels

At Confinement Angels, their stringent 5-steps recruitment process ensure that all their nanny deliver services of the same level of excellence. All nannies recruited are required to undergo their 88-hours confinement nanny training based on Dr Wong Boh Boi Confinement Nanny Training Syllabus regardless of the years of experience they had. Moms who engaged confinement nannies from Confinement Angels praised their nannies for being meticulous to both the babies and moms!


Aunty Lee

Aunty Lee has 35 years of experience in this line, with a daughter, 2 sons, a grandson and a grand-daughter. She has undergone confinement training and is also certified in baby massage. Being well-versed in TCM herbs and tonics, new moms will definitely receive the nourishment needed from confinement meals cooked with TCM herbs and tonics.

AmyNanny Confinement Nanny Services

Amy Nanny started with founder Amy, where she realized the importance of confinement after having gone through a tough childbirth herself in 1994. After having in-depth knowledge and experience in caring for a newborn and the mother, AmyNanny Confinement Nanny Services was established in 2004. With their 6Cs policy for choosing nannies – customer focus, competent, committed, consistent, caring and customised experience, moms who are doing their confinement period can rest assured that you’ll be well taken care of!



With over 30 confinement nannies, NannySOS will choose a suitable nanny to fit your needs. All of the nannies recruited as professionally trained with at least 3 years of experience. They also offer other post natal services such as massage for both the mom and the baby.