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Does your child experience prolonged cough? Or fall to common ailments like flu and fever? While western medicine focuses on managing the symptoms, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) focuses on the root of the problem and the effects are known to be more long-term. However, its effect will be seen much slower compared to western medicine as it takes time to cure the root of the issue. Worried that your child is too young to receive Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatments? In recent years, with the increase of younger patients opting for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatments, more clinics have started to cater their services for children too. Other than prescribing herbs, supplements and other treatments, they also take into consideration other factors too such as the kind of food your child eats and lifestyle. Check out the list of places offering Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for children.

Herbal Basic TCM Clinic

Herbal-Basic was established with children in mind. With years of clinical experience in Pediatric care and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) knowledge, they believe in strengthening the child’s immune system as the cure to keep them in the pink of health. They even offer Baby Cupping, a treatment which combines two Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) techniques – Cupping (Ba Guan) and Scrapping (Gua Sha) with a product specially designed with the safety of kids in mind.  

Address: 101 Irrawaddy Road, #18-10 Royal Square Medical Centre @ Novena Singapore 329565 
Tel: 63762345

Eu Yan Sang TCM Clinics

One of the most well-known TCM stores in Singapore, did you know they have clinics across Singapore as well? If you’re looking for TCM clinic suitable for your little one, Eu Yan Sang even has TCM clinics set up specifically to cater to them, with dedicated playrooms/corners! Kids usually enter clinic apprehensive and anxious, so this would help the children to be more comfortable in the new environment and be more cooperative when they consult the physicians. 

Address: Multiple clinic locations here
Tel: 1800 225 1887


Ma Kuang Chinese Medicine & Research Centre

Ma Kuang is one of the more established Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Clinics that offers treatment to an extensive range of health issues and concerns – from common respiratory disorders, gastrointestinal disorders to even dermatological disorders! They also have over 10 clinics in Singapore, with five specifically catered to women and children at Boon Tiong Road. 

Address: Multiple locations here
Tel: 6256 1381

Thomson Chinese Medical 

Other than prescribing Chinese herbal medicine, Thomson Chinese Medical also offers TCM massage for children (Xiao Er Tui Na). This can help to strengthen immune system, sleeping patterns, relieves constipation, improve motor development and more. They have a team of trained Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) physicians to assess the treatments your child needs. 

Address: Multiple locations here
Tel: 63525800


Yong Kang TCM 

Like Thomson Chinese Medical, Yong Kang TCM also specializes in Paediatric TuiNa. This is seen as a gentler alternative to acupuncture as it can activate pressure points without the use of needles. It can help to boost immunity, treat common ailments such as cold and flu, improve appetite, sleeping problems and more! 

Address: Multiple locations here
Tel: 65556347