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Thinking of what to buy for a baby shower can be tough, especially when you don’t know what items they already have or are in need! If you want to appear to have given more thought into your gift instead of just buying boring gifts such as bags of baby diapers, you’ve come to the right place! Below are 8 unique gift ideas for you to show your thoughtfulness as you look around for a newborn baby gift in Singapore!  

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Baby Gift Hamper

There are lots of baby hampers online or baby gift set with free delivery in Singapore!  If you can’t find a suitable baby hamper in Singapore, consider making your own! Include some supplements for an energy booster such as Cordyceps & American Ginseng help these new parents increase their concentration, strengthen their immunity system and also relieve stress they might have! If the mother is breastfeeding, do check the labels to see if they are suitable or not! 

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Diaper Cakes

Yes, apparently diaper cake is a thing! Jelly Cat has been ever so popular with kids, and now its paired up with diapercakes! Whoever thought of the idea to roll up diapers and make them into tiers so they resemble a cake is a genius. Most of them come with a plush toy and some other newborn essentials like booties, handkerchiefs etc. Diaper cakes will certainly wow the parents (and the rest of the guests) at the baby shower!

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Beansprout Husk Pillow

Made with 100% organic cotton fabric from the USA and filled with natural bean sprout husk that has undergone a 5-step sanitization process, these beansprout husk pillows from Krftd are EN-71 safety certified, hygienic and soft for the baby’s delicate skin. Being EN-71 certified also means that it is flame retardant and durable.


TeddyS Toy Box Sit Me Up Cosy

Create a safe and cosy environment for the baby with this play nest! It can be constructed into three different set-ups – a supportive play nest, stacking two rings up to form a supportive play nest or just the padded flower petal for tummy time! It is versatile and can be used in multiple ways!

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Milestone Photo Cards

Document the baby’s milestones easily with these photocards! Whether it’s turning a week old or sitting up on their own for the first time, no matter how small the milestone is, the photo cards are able to help parents capture that special moment.


Cotton Alphabet

You can’t be any more thoughtful when you show up with this – handmade personalized cotton alphabet pillow from thecouturecrown! They’re a great addition to the babies’ crib. They have tons of fabric to choose from, so it’ll be a happy dilemma trying to pick and choose the fabric for the baby shower gift!

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Personalized Knit Blanket

Blankets are every newborn’s essential item. Make your gift a little more special by personalizing it! Lovinglysigned offers personalization service by embroidering the baby’s name on it. You can choose the thread colour and add up to 12 alphabets for the name. Lastly, it will be packed into a beautiful gift box with a gift card!

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Personalized Keepsake Baby Gift Set

Choose from the variety of baby gifts sets they have and personalize the gift with the baby’s name on the gift box! (The names are hand-painted!) Nothing goes to waste in this gift set as the turquoise gift box acts as a little treasure trove which parents can gift to their child when they grow up!