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In most cases of high blood pressure, the cause is often unknown. What’s scary about high blood pressure is that often no signs or symptoms are displayed even when the condition is severe. Even if there are some signs or symptoms such as giddiness or headaches, because these symptoms are also present in many other diseases, it’s hard to determine easily that they arise because of high blood pressure. Hence, high blood pressure is also known as the ‘silent killer’. 

High blood pressure alone is not life-threatening, but it leads to more serious illnesses such as heart attack, a stroke or a kidney failure. 

A normal blood pressure reading varies from 90/60mmHg to 120/80mmHg.  A reading of 140/90mmHg indicates high blood pressure. 

Whether you are diagnosed with high blood pressure or not, making these lifestyle changes can help as a preventive measure or control and lower your blood pressure. 

1. Over-the-counter medications

Certain NSAID (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) medications, such as ibuprofen where we can often reach for easily without making a trip to the doctor to treat fever or pain, can increase your blood pressure. Try not to abuse such medications and always check with your doctor when in doubt! 

2. Drinking excessively

Drinking alcohol excessively has been shown to lead to an increase in blood pressure and can be dangerous for men and 女性健康. Drink in moderation, limiting to one drink per day for the ladies and no more than two drinks for the guys and it might even have some health benefit! 

3. High Sodium In-take

The lower the sodium in-take, the better it is for your blood pressure! When there is too much salt in the body, the kidney’s ability to remove water from the body is reduced. This leads to a higher blood pressure due to the extra fluids in the body and the extra force on the blood vessels to process the fluids. Always read the packaging label on foods to find out the sodium contained and use less salt while cooking!

4. Unbalanced diet

Fast foods and fried chicken are some of the food that most would love. However, if these are your staple food, you might be on the express road to health issues. High in calories and fats, plaque buildup in arteries will happen fast, leading to the narrowing of the blood vessel and causing high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Other than watching what foods you put into your body, ensure you have a balanced meal by including leafy greens! 

5. Sedentary Lifestyle

Working from the office from Mondays to Fridays from 9-5 means sitting in front of your computer for a prolonged period of time. Leading a sedentary lifestyle can easily cause you to put on more weight, increasing your risk of high blood pressure. Not only that, you also become at risk of developing cholesterol and diabetes! Maintain a healthy weight by exercising at least 30 minutes per day.