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5 Warning Signs Your Child Is Struggling With Vision

Is your child struggling with studies in school?

Instead of pinning the reason down as not having enough practice and signing your child up for more tuition, an undetected problem with their eye health might be the culprit!

Being unable to see what the teacher has written on the board clearly or having problem with focusing on the words in books can cause them to become frustrated.

Though there are health check carried out by primary schools which include eye screening in Singapore, sometimes it might not be comprehensive enough to detect the various types of vision problems.

Here are 5 signs which can serve as a warning that your child might be suffering from vision problems.

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#1. Rubbing their eyes frequently

While it’s normal to see your child rubbing his eyes when he’s sleepy or just before bedtime, rubbing the eyes constantly is a cause for concern.

Rubbing their eyes frequently can be a sign for many different vision problems other than fatigue alone. Allergies such as conjunctivitis can be an underlying cause for the itchiness your child is experiencing in his eyes.  


#2. Squinting

Ever noticed your child squinting their eyes whenever they are reading or looking at some things?

Squinting helps to improve vision temporarily by allowing lesser light into the pupils, making it easier to focus on the image or text. If your child is squinting, he might be trying to make it up for his poor vision! 

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#3. Placing screens to close to their eyes

Do you find them scooting closer to the TV screen? Or are they placing mobile devices such as handphones or iPad too close to their face?

This is often a sign of nearsightedness. People with nearsightedness have a clear vision when viewing items close to them, but they have a poor vision when viewing items at a distance.

So if you noticed that your child is always bringing the object closer to their face or moving closer to see the object, you probably need to bring your child for an eye check-up.  

Even if their vision is good, remember to limit their screen time so that it reduces harmful blue lights emitted from the devices!

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#4. Covering one eye when focusing to view something

Is your child consistently shutting out the same eye when trying to read or watch TV? They’re simply shutting out the eye with a poorer vision so it does not interfere the eye with the better vision!

This could signal that your child has the ‘Lazy Eye’ syndrome, also known as amblyopia, where one eye has a poorer vision which results in the child choosing to only use the eye with a better vision. To correct this, an eye patch would be used to cover the eye with the better vision to train your child to use his other eye. 

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#5. Trouble reading

Is your child having difficulty reading to you? No, we’re not talking about having a hard time pronouncing. If your child constantly skips a line or lose his place while reading, it might be a sign of astigmatism or an eye muscle problem such as strabismus. 

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