What is Lingzhi and why is it such a popular ingredient commonly seen sold in many Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) stores in Singapore? Lingzhi, also know as the Reishi mushroom, is a type of fungus that thrives in hot and humid locations and thus can be commonly seen in Asia. These mushrooms can be eaten fresh but they are often sold in powdered forms or extracts.

So what makes them such a popular ingredient in Traditional Chinese Medicines? Here are five top health benefits of Lingzhi. 

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1. Immunity system booster

Our immune system is our first line of defense against bacteria and germs that enters our body. To keep ourselves in the pink of health, it is important that we have a strong immune system to fight off the infections. 

According to research in cancer patients, it has been found that consuming Lingzhi has helped to increase the activity of natural killer cells in the body. Natural killer cells are important in fighting off infections as well as cancer in the body. Thus Lingzhi can gives our body the immunity support it needs! 

2. Lower blood pressure

High blood pressure occurs when one has high level of LDL cholesterol, also known as the ‘bad’ cholesterol. Fats in the blood start to accumulate on the arterial walls, narrowing the blood vessels. This results in the heart pumping harder to transport oxygen in the blood to the rest of the body. Lingzhi may help to lower blood pressure by lowering the bad cholesterol in the body! 

Other than one’s diet, age, smoking as well as the genes can be a cause of high blood pressure. Eating Lingzhi is said to help in lowering your ‘bad’ cholesterol, improving your blood pressure. Because of its ability to lower ‘bad’ cholesterol, it can potentially decrease the risk of heart disease as well.

3. Anti-Cancer

Lingzhi is also well-known for its anti-cancer properties. In a study of 4,000 breast cancer survivors, 59% of them reportedly consumed Lingzhi. Lingzhi is found to contain beta-glucans, a complex sugar that may stop the growth of cancer cells and as well as preventing the spread of it.  

They also contain polysaccharides which can protect a cell’s DNA and prevent the cell from mutating into cancerous cells. Not only that, polysaccharides is also an anti-oxidant with anti-diabetes, anti-fatigue and anti-osteoporosis properties.

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4. Fight Depression

Other than physical health benefits, consuming Lingzhi can also be beneficial for one’s mental health. A study was carried out on 132 participants with neurasthenia, a condition that involves aches, pains, headaches, dizziness and also irritability. 

After eight weeks of taking supplements with Lingzhi extract, these participants are reportedly much happier and their fatigue was reduced as well.

5. Anti-inflammatory properties

Inflammation is the cause of many diseases, including cancer. One major compound for inflammation is cytokines. Including Lingzhi in your diet can help to decrease the risk of cancer by decreasing the level of cytokines in your body. When the level of cytokines is decreased, your immune system would stand a better chance of fighting off the inflammation.

However, if you are currently on any medication such as immune-suppressing drugs, it is best to consult your doctor beforehand as Lingzhi might work against the medication you are on.

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