For all mothers, it’s certainly not an easy journey going through the nine months of pregnancy to delivery. As they embark on the new journey of motherhood, take this opportunity to show congratulate them on their successful delivery and also encouragement with thoughtful gifts! This is also the time to help them replenish the nutrients they need with supplements and nutritious food as they recover from childbirth.

With a variety of hampers to choose from, how should you go about choosing it? The most common item you would find in most wellness hampers would be essence of chicken. The essence of chicken is especially popular as it is good for our general well-being. For mothers, it’s good as it improves lactation which helps nursing mom to produce enough milk for breastfeeding. According to a study, essence of chicken has proved to help mothers increase milk production of good quality!

If your budget allows, include tonic drinks like Benedictine D.O.M. and Traditional Chinese Medicine herbs such as ginseng. And why not add something for the little babe too! Gifts hampers are becoming increasingly creative, with some shops offering something for both the mom and the baby! Check out the 7 stores below for gift hampers idea!

Gift Hampers

Packed with 18 bottles of goodness, Gift Hampers offers Bird’s Nest, Essence of Chicken and Essence of Chicken with Cordyceps and American Ginseng at a steal! This will surely help to rejuvenate new moms as they recover after their delivery.

Noel Gifts

Noel Gifts offers a wide selection of gift hampers for new mums and babies! From babies essentials to nourishment for new mums such as bird’s nest, they have it all in hampers. They also have interesting gift hampers such as including a bouquet of flowers for the mom along with babies’ gifts. No matter which hampers you choose, there’s always something for both the mother and baby. They offer same-day gift delivery in Singapore, so it’s perfect if you’re looking for a get well hamper at the very last minute!




Don’t be fooled by its name – AngelFlorist do not offer only flower bouquets, they also have hampers that are packed full of nutrition for new moms! Some items include Brand’s essence of chicken, bottled bird’s nest and Benedictine D.O.M at affordable prices to help replenish the nutrients a mom needs after delivery. What’s best is that they offer free delivery!

Simply Hamper

They have a wide range of gift hampers – from exquisite gifts hampers to organic food, you’ll be spoilt for choices. If your friend is eco-conscious, Simply Hamper started a Return Basket Initiative where you’ll get a free voucher in return for every empty hamper basket returned! The process is easy – go to their website and leave your details. They’ll arrange a van to collect your basket and you’re done!



Other than a nutritious gift hamper, opt for something which includes useful gifts as well like a milk warmer! They’ll be sure to thank you for your thoughtful gift as it will save them the hassle of warming up the milk in a bowl of hot water! If you have something else in mind, you can contact Bloomdale too to have them tailor the gift hamper to your liking!



If you’re purchasing from HerFlowers for the first time, enjoy $5 off your first purchase using their promo code! On top of that, they’re also offering free delivery with no GST for all purchases! Pick one of their 3 delivery timeslots offered daily and sit back while you wait for your gift hamper!



Other than essence of chicken and traditional chinese medicine herbs to replenish the body, another alternative would be fruit baskets hampers! An apple a day keeps the doctor away! Get both with this Healing Thoughts hamper from Beeflowers which includes both fresh fruits and essence of chicken.


If these hampers aren’t what you’re looking for, try creating your very own hamper! Other than the mother, the father needs some replenishment as well for the late nights!(And possibly more late nights to come!) Include some supplements for an energy booster such as Cordyceps & American Ginseng Capsules.

Taking supplements regularly will be able to increase their concentration, strengthen their immunity system and also helping them to relieve mental stress.