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Just as how it’s important it is for wife to prep her body before trying to conceive, men’s health is equally important to ensure that the pregnancy is a healthy one. Here are 7 things men can do to ensure that the sperms are in tip-top shape!

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1. Maintain A Healthy Weight

无论您是超重还是体重不足,都必须保持体重在健康范围内,以保持荷尔蒙平衡。荷尔蒙平衡失调会导致精子数量减少并降低其运动能力(游泳能力),从而减少您和伴侣的受孕机会。如果不确定体重是否在健康范围内,请在此处检查体重指数 按这个链接在一项针对超重男性的研究中,其中15.62%的精子数量低,比健康范围的男性高10%。因此,保持体重在健康范围内很重要!

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2. Healthy Diet

You are what you eat! To increase your chances of conception, eat foods that boost your fertility naturally! You should be eating healthily as well to increase the quality of your sperms. Eat a variety of healthy foods which are rich in antioxidants such as fruits and vegetables. This will help to reduce the number of DNA damaged sperms you produce. Some foods rich in antioxidants include: 

    • 锌:牡蛎,豆类,乳制品,鸡蛋,肉,全谷物。 
    • 硒:鱼,巴西坚果,猪肉,牛肉,火鸡。  
    • 叶酸:菠菜,鹰嘴豆,豆类,小扁豆。 
    • 维生素C:橘子,葡萄柚,柠檬,花椰菜。 
    • 维生素E:坚果,种子。菠菜,西兰花,植物油。


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3. 运动。

Exercising regularly helps in reducing your stress levels and keep you healthy. But how does it affect male fertility? Recent studies show that although stress does not directly affect the quality of semen in men, stress has an impact on lowering the level of the hormone testosterone. Low testosterone can affect fertility and it decreases sperm production. However, do note that strenuous or intense workout can decrease your fertility rate instead of boosting it. Cycling is one of the more well-known exercises to avoid if you and your partner are trying for a baby.  

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4. 降温。

Yes, literally! The male reproductive organs are designed to be outside of the body so that they can be kept at a temperature lower than our body temperature. High temperature damage sperms, so avoid the doing of the following activities below! 

  • 将笔记本电脑放在腿上。笔记本电脑产生的热量以及腿部支撑笔记本电脑的热量会导致温度升高到生殖器官的理想温度以上。 
  • 平角内裤或三角内裤?这个问题已经被广泛辩论,但是没有确凿的证据支持其中任何一个。只需记住穿上具有一定呼吸空间的透气面料即可!
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5. 男性生育补品。

We’ve heard females who are trying to conceive to consume supplements 3 months prior to trying to conceive. But did you know that you should be consuming fertility supplements as well? In fact, you should consume these supplements 6 months prior to conception so that your sperms have time to grow healthy and strong! Look out for these nutrients in supplements to improve your sperm counts and reduce the risk of any birth defects! 

  • B12
  • 维生素C
  • 维生素E
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6. Quit Smoking


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7. 尽量少喝酒。

Alcohol has been shown to not only reduce sperm production. But also cause sperm abnormalities! However, the good news is that you do not need to cut out alcohol entirely – just limit yourself to one or two glasses per day.

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