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老化迹象?老化虽然是不可避免的,想要逆向老化让与其他同龄人相比看起来仍然年轻得多是可能的!按照以下步骤进行健康衰老,这将帮助您看起来更年轻! 女性保健 是年轻的关键之一! 

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Alcohol, when ingested in large quantities, can be toxic to our body. The liver works to convert the toxic compound in alcohol to a harmless acid. But when we consume more alcohol than what our liver can handle, the toxic compound builds up and we become intoxicated. Drinking in moderation means no more than 1-2 glasses of wine per day!

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If you do not have the habit of using sunscreen, start using them now no matter how old you are! It’s never too early to start taking care of your skin! Sunscreen is one of the most important tool to help in anti-aging as it protects our skin from the harmful rays – UVA and UVB. It can help in reducing the risk of skin cancers as well. Sunscreen should not only be used when you go sun tanning – it should be incorporated into your daily skincare routine. The best practice is to apply sunscreen 30minutes before you step out of the house!

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钙和铁都是必不可少的,因为大多数女性在50岁以后会降低骨密度。但是,由于您需要高钙饮食,因此很难达到所需的每日营养摄入量。因此,选择 补充剂, 它将为您提供所需的每日剂量。开始储存钙质,健康美丽地老化!   

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Pick up an exercise you enjoy like Pilates and get moving! Working out regularly can help you to both feel and look younger! Not only does it help in maintaining your shape, 研究 表明,它不仅有助于保持身材,而且流汗也具有抗衰老的功效。

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健康的饮食很重要,但是含有抗氧化剂(如维生素B和E)的食物会为您的皮肤带来奇迹!根据Sebamed首席医学发言人皮肤科医生 Marnie Nussbaum所说,抗氧化剂有助于保护您的皮肤免受自由基的伤害,这些自由基在您一天的生活中会损害皮肤。鱼,家禽,鹰嘴豆,杏仁和葵花籽中富含维生素B和E。

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We’re asking you to skip the straw not only because it’s environmentally-friendly, but sipping on straws can increase fine lines around your lips. Sipping occasionally isn’t going to drastically increase your lip wrinkles, but if you need to sip your daily dose of Starbucks, it’s better to ditch the straws.  

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If you’re a side sleeper, time to change your favourite sleeping position! Did you know that sleeping on your side can introduce lines and wrinkles to your face? That’s because sleeping sideways compresses your face on one side and decreases blood flow.

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