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Not prepared for an addition to the family yet? Don’t be misled into thinking that fertility check-ups should be done only when you’ve failed trying to conceive for more than a year! 

In recent years, many couples are choosing to start a family only they are financially secure. This also meant that many couples are only trying for a baby in their 30s. With a fast-paced lifestyle and stress, this definitely makes having a child much more challenging nowadays. 

根据 Dr Lim Min Yu, a fertility specialist at Mount Elizabeth Hospital, women’s age is important in fertility as the quality and the number of eggs starts to decline after the age of 30. 

Commonly, couples only seek a doctor when they’ve tried conceiving for 6 months to a year. However, as women’s chances of conceiving decline with age, conceiving naturally might prove to be a challenge even with medical intervention. 

Thus, it is recommended to have a fertility check done with your partner at the beginning of your marriage to foresee any issues with fertility. Early medical intervention can be done to help increase the chances of conceiving, making trying for a baby at a later stage a smoother journey. This can also help couples bypass the stressful stage of trying for a baby but failing without knowing why.



A fertility check at a clinic would usually require two trips to the clinic. On the first trip, it would last around 20 to 40 minutes which involves both consultation and health tests. For male fertility test, the husband would undergo a semen analysis. A sample of his semen would be collected and be submitted for a lab test. As for the wife, she would undergo a pelvic scan, a detailed examination of her reproductive organs and a hormone blood test.   

Once the results for the lab tests are out, the couples would need to make a second trip down where the fertility doctor would review the results and advise the next step for the couple. If your results are healthy, do continue to maintain a healthy diet by abstaining from smoking, alcohol and other toxins. 

It is also important to start taking 健康补品 以帮助增加生育机会也很重要。老公们可以试试 全连增耐力 来强身健体。至于妻子,在尝试生育前至少 3 个月或怀孕的前三个月服用叶酸。它有助于预防婴儿的脊柱裂和其他先天缺陷。