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Are you reaching your 50s soon or are you already in your 50s? Here are some of the changes you can expect your body to face as you hit the 50s whether you’re a man or a lady. Most of these changes are certainly not welcomed, so read on to find out how to embrace or handle these changes!

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1. Dry Skin

As people age, the skin gets thinner and thinner. It lacks the ability to retain moisture like it used to before, so the skin gets dry and fragile. Fragile skin can break easily so the elderly are more prone to cuts and bruises. Hydrate your skin with the moisture it needs by drinking plenty of water and also moisturizing your skin daily!

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2. Different Sweat Scent

You know how seniors or elderly tend to have that ‘old people’ smell? This is because as human ages, changes in the hormones and sweat glands can make a difference in the composition of sweat. If you noticed some changes to the way you smell, here are some ways you can reduce your body odor: 

  • Wear clothing made of cotton to help you stay cool in Singapore’s hot and humid weather! 
  • Apply antiperspirants. 
  • Avoid foods that make you smell, such as garlic and onions.
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3. Diminished Sense Of Taste

Have you started to notice how your wife’s cooking start to taste bland? Don’t blame it on her cooking, it might be something to do with your sense of smell and your taste bud too. As the body ages, the signal from the nose to the brain declines, making it harder for your brain to decipher the taste.

If you’re on medications, it can also affect the way your food taste. So instead of sprinkling salt on your dishes the next time, try using different seasonings instead to spice up the dish. Too much sodium leads to health complications such as high blood pressure!

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4. Your Muscles Won’t Keep Up

Have you noticed that your response or action is slower than you like it to be? Over here, it’s not the issue whereby you are getting weaker – it has more to do with the signals in your brain and to your muscle. Train your brain cells and stay mentally active by trying out new sports, or mental games such as crossword puzzles or taking up a new course. Learning never stops!  

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5. Increased Visits To The Toilet

As all muscles weaken with age, the muscles of your bladder weaken as well. You might find yourself making more trips to the bathrooms throughout the day, and even at night which can seriously affect the quality of your sleep. Kidneys process more urine at night so that accounts for why you’re going to the toilet more often at night too. What you can try to do is to reduce your water intake without the risk of dehydration (consult your doctor for this) or urinate only every 2 hours to 4 hours instead of going every time you feel a slight urge to

Like it or not, everyone will face some of these issues as they age. Aging is a natural occurring process that is part and parcel of life, but we can learn to age gracefully with these health tips! With aging, there are also certain health risks. Read more to find out what are some of the common health issues men over 50 face