Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is actually very common for men over 40. At age 40, 40% of men experience ED and this increases with ageing. If you’re in your 30s to early 40s, ED is usually caused by stress – whether it’s from work, financially or some other factors. Medications are used to treat ED in western medicine, and it takes little time to see its effect. Though western medicine may treat the symptom, ED, in this case, it cannot help to increase one’s libido. So even though ED is cured, if one lacks the drive to do it, performance in bed will still be unsatisfactory. So, how do you take care of men’s health

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The TCM Approach

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), it looks at the core of the issue. According to TCM, what’s causing you to have ED or low libido does not lie in the problem of your genitals; it’s actually due to weak kidneys! In western medicine, we know kidney is the organ that is responsible for filtering and removing waste from the body. However, in TCM, the kidney is the organ that affects the balance of your Yin and Yang – which includes your libido as well! If the kidney is weak, it can affect your overall health. Therefore, to treat ED and increase your libido, kidney is the organ you need to nourish. 

Before you start searching for foods which can help to nourish your kidneys and consuming them, it’s important to identify if you are suffering from Kidney Yin deficiency or Kidney Yang deficiency. Kidney Yin and Kidney Yang have to achieve equilibrium to be in good health. Therefore, you should nourish your kidney with foods that specifically support the one you’re lacking in. 

Here’s how to tell if you have Kidney Yin or Kidney Yang deficiency:

Kidney Yin deficiency – dizziness, ringing in the ears, hearing problems, dry mouth and throat, constipation, hot sensation in palms, soreness and weakness in knees and lower back. 

Kidney Yang deficiency – cold limbs, pale complexion, difficulty in urinating and aversion to cold. 

If you can’t tell whether you have Kidney Yin deficiency or Kidney Yang deficiency, make a trip down to your nearest TCM clinic and consult their TCM certified practitioner.

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TCM Treatments

There are two common treatments for ED – acupuncture or Chinese herbs.

Acupuncture can help to control the flow of Qi, the energy that primarily flows throughout our body. By regulating the flow of Qi, it can remove excess energy in certain parts of the body and bring it to the parts which are lacking in energy. Acupuncture might also help in releasing compounds in the body which will help in an erection. 

Chinese herbs such as Ginseng or Tongkat Ali are commonly used and consumed for treating ED. In general, men suffering from ED should avoid heaty food or food that will create dampness in the body. As each individual’s cause of ED varies, you should consult a certified TCM practitioner for them to better understand your condition and pair the right Chinese herbs for you.