Are you experiencing hair loss or brittle hair? Yearn for that luscious, strong healthy hair? Check out the list below for 8 superfood that will aid and promote hair growth! 

#1. Tomatoes

Rich in vitamin C, it helps to absorb iron which is essential for hair growth. Vitamin C also helps to make collagen and can prevent hair from aging. Tomatoes are also a lycopene boost, which helps to battle enzymes called collagenases that destroy collagen in the body.

#2. Spinach

We all know who’s favourite vegetable this is – Popeye’s! And for a good reason too! Spinach has lots of health benefits that provide vitamin A, C, folic acid zinc and natural collagen. It’s also rich in iron that will help in the growth of your hair, nails and skin! However, the majority of us shun spinach for its bitter taste. Add spinach and mint leaves to your usual avocado smoothie to make it more palatable!

#3. Walnuts

They contain lots of nutrients which help to protect the hair against harmful rays of sun – omega-3 fatty acids, biotin, protein, vitamin E and copper! Eating walnuts alone can get boring, so mix it with other nuts as well. Nuts, in general, are good for health and hair as they’re packed with vitamins and minerals!

#4. Eggs

Hair follicles are made from protein, therefore having sufficient protein is important for hair growth. Insufficient intake of protein has shown to promote hair loss! Another nutrients eggs are known for is biotin. You might find biotin familiar as it is used widely to market shampoos for hair growth. Biotin is essential to a producing a protein called keratin which is crucial for strong nails and hair.

#5. Oysters

We know how oysters are one of the best food sources of zinc, but they also provide high-quality protein. Oysters contain all the essential amino acids our body needs.
omega-3 fats which is good for lowering the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

#6. Shrimps

They are rich in many nutrients that may aid hair growth – protein, vitamins B and D, zinc and iron. 100grams of shrimp alone accounts for 38% of your daily intake required for vitamin D! Shrimps are also low in calories, but for those with high cholesterol might want to take note of the number of shrimps they eat!

#7. Unsweetened greek yogurt

Other than containing tons of protein, greek yogurt also contains probiotics which will help your body to absorb nutrients. You don’t want all those nutrients to go to waste, right?

#8. Salmon

A great source of omega-3 fatty acids, salmon is known to be one of the most nutritious food that benefit your heart and your brain. It also strengthens your hair and skin as it is loaded with protein.

Incorporate these foods for healthy hair! However, often times we are still unable to hit the daily required nutrients our body need. An alternative is taking hair supplements that will improve your hair and skin such as the Hair Growth Aid Capsule. It is packed with traditional chinese herbs that will improve blood supply to the scalp!