Health Hacks: The Secret To Avoiding Cold And Flu

It’s easy to catch a cold or flu bug whether you’re working in an office, school and especially taking public transport! You will almost always encounter someone on the train standing just next to you, either coughing or sneezing and you have nowhere to move to when it’s during the peak hours on the train or on the bus. While some of them do have the courtesy to cover their mouth when they do so, others don’t. The best thing you can do is to give your body some immunity support to fight off the viruses! 

Here are five simple tips which will help you to avoid catching that cold or flu bug.

#1. Maintain Good Hygiene

Did you know that our hands carry the most bacteria and germs? Viruses can enter into our system through the eyes, nose and mouth. When we rub our eyes or eat with our hands without washing them, it makes it easy for viruses to enter. Always wash your hands with soap thoroughly before eating and keep your hands away from your face! In instances where it’s not possible to wash your hands with soap, bring a small hand sanitizer with you as they work as well too!  

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#2. Disinfect Your Space

Viruses can stay on surfaces up to months! Lower your risk of getting infected by viruses by disinfecting your space regularly. For example, your keyboards, computer mouse and desk surface. Instead of simply using water and soap, use products which contain alcohol or bleach to disinfect your space.

#3. Zinc Supplements

Other than making sure that our hands are clean, it’s important to maintain a healthy and strong immune system as well. Having enough zinc in your diet helps to boost the immune system and keep it strong so that it can fight off infections. Zinc is found in meat, fish, nuts and many other foods. Try to include as many foods which are rich in zinc in your meals, or take zinc supplements to ensure that you consume the daily recommended intake of zinc. You can explore dietary supplements too!

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#4. Get A Flu Shot

Not travelling overseas? An Influenza shot is still recommended to be taken yearly whether you’re travelling overseas or not. With flu viruses constantly adapting, new flu vaccines are released yearly to fight them off. Therefore, it is important to get an influenza shot yearly to protect ourselves from the latest virus and also to ensure that there are enough antibodies in our system to fight off the virus.

#5. Exercise

Exercise is honestly the best medication! Not only does it improve your general well-being, but it also helps to reduce your risk of developing a number of illnesses, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and also cancers. It can also give your immune system a boost!