Are TCM health supplements simply for nourishing of the body? How is it different from normal western supplements? With tons of health supplements on the market, how do we become an informed consumer? Read more to find out what you need to know about TCM health supplements before your purchase! 

#1. Supplements, not medication. If you’re looking for a quick fix, TCM health supplements are not it. They are not medication used to cure the symptoms in a short amount of time. Rather, TCM supplements aim to provide nutrients to help improve your condition. It usually takes a few months before you start noticing its effect. Follow the dosage given on the label and try it for a few months before deciding if the product is effective for you or not

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#2. Effects depend on each individual. TCM supplements are not curing the symptoms but rather nourishing the body as a whole, so it depends on the absorption rate of each individual. The effects of the health supplements may be drastic for some while mild for others, but your body is definitely taking in those nutrients your body needs! Be sure to also purchase TCM health supplements from reputable sellers like AllLinkMedical who is licensed by Health Science Authority(HSA) or from reputable stores such as Watsons, Guardians and Unity Pharmacy. 

#3. Some herbs are scientifically proven! Many people might think that the properties of traditional Chinese medicine herbs are not verified or backed up by science, but they actually are! Herbs like Ginseng has evidence to show that it can boost one’s immune system, keeping us free from infection and diseases. Other herbs include jujube, also known as red dates, that is known to aid in blood circulation and soothe anxiety. Goji berries, also known as wolfberries, are antioxidants rich in vitamin C, provides nutrients to the body and can help to improve one’s eyesight too. Look out for these herbs on the ingredient list of health supplements! 

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#4. All TCM health supplements must be licensed by HSA. Did you know that all TCM health supplements must obtain a license by the Health Science Authority (HSA) before sellers, distributors and importers can sell the product? Don’t just assume that all TCM health products are licensed by HSA because they are sold in Singapore; do a check for yourself before you do any purchase. Here’s what the label on the TCM health supplement you’re intending to purchase should include: product’s trade/brand name, product name, batch number, expiry date, active ingredients, and dosage. 

#5. Supplements are not suitable for all. Yes, supplements are meant to nourish the body, and it appears the TCM health supplements do not have a lot of side effects so they should be suitable for all. However, that’s not true! Pregnant ladies, breastfeeding mothers, elderly, people who are suffering from chronic illness and children too should consult the doctor before taking any supplements – whether it’s western supplements or TCM health supplements. There is a chance that some ingredients in the health supplement might interfere with your current medication, or it might have some certain undesirable effect. Hence, exercise caution if you fall under any of these categories before consuming health supplements.