Want to Lose Weight? Here Are 7 Top Natural Appetite Suppressants

Trying to lose weight? The most straightforward method is cutting down on the portion of food for every meal. And with lesser calorie intake, you’ll naturally lose some weight. This seems pretty easy except for one major problem – you’ll find yourself looking for food shortly after having your meal. When your body is getting lesser food than usual, the body senses it which will produce more hunger hormone that creates pangs of hunger, encouraging you to eat more. 

Most turn to weight loss products on the market for an easy solution. However, some weight loss products may do more damage to the body! You can turn to some dietary supplements from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) stores which uses natural herbs, or eat some natural appetite suppressants! Here are some natural appetite suppressants which are safe and healthy for the body to help you curb your hunger pangs! 

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Though avocado may be rich in fats, it contains fats which are healthy! It can help in keeping you full for longer so that you’ll not be running to the kitchen shortly after your meal.


Pack a handful of almonds and bring it with you wherever you go! Not only do these small nuts are packed with vitamins and minerals good for the body, but they have also shown to increase feelings of fullness, helping with weight management.


An apple a day, keeps the doctor away! We’re all familiar with this saying and we know how healthy apple is for our body. They are also a good snack when you’re hungry as they are rich in fibre and also high in water content that can keep you feeling full until your next meal. They also contain pectin which prevents any sugar spike!

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Drinking a full glass of water is another good way to keep your hunger pangs at bay. For more effective weight loss, drink two glasses of water before your meals. A study found that those who did consume 75-90 calories lesser than those who did not.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds may be small, but they swell when added to water. This would keep your stomach filled and feeling full.   


Coffee can boost your metabolism, helping you to burn more calories and they are good at suppressing appetite as well. Taken in moderation, they are actually good for the body! All the coffee lovers are probably rejoicing right now, but not so fast! Coffee is only good in your weight loss journey if you cut back on the sugar and cream! So, stick to your kopi-o for the best effect.

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Eggs are not only an excellent source of protein, but they are also very effective in helping you to feel full for a long period of time! Studies have shown that for those who eat eggs consume lesser calories than those who eat bagels of the same amount of calories. It turns out to be a whooping 330 calories lesser on average!