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Eczema is a pretty common skin allergy where the skin develops rashes that’s itchy. For more severe cases, some might develop red bumps that contain fluids which may ooze out when scratched. In Singapore’s humid weather, it must be even more frustrating for people who are suffering from eczema! 

Patients who suffer from eczema often have a family history of eczema, asthma and other allergic conditions. Although there is no known cure towards treating eczema, most of the time the symptoms of eczema can be improved. Have you tried western medicines such as steroids for over a few years or even a decade but still continue to experience flare-ups? 

Though steroids and anti-histamines provide much relief, it does not treat the root of the problem. It only attempts to control and treat the symptoms therefore for the more severe cases, flare-ups occur especially once the sufferer does not continue applying steroid cream. Why not consider using the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) approach to eczema!  

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Western medicine focuses on healing the external which is the inflammation, but from the TCM perspective, it focuses on healing both the internal and external as eczema can be caused by some of the following factors: 

    • Lung and spleen deficiency
    • Stress or anxiety
    • Unhealthy diet 

Eczema also signals that there is excess heat, dampness and wind in the body which causes the skin to blister and itch. In TCM treatment, it aims to harmonize and balance the Yin and the Yang in the body by removing these excess and improving the functions of the organs. TCM physician may prescribe herbal drinks, bath, pills, lotion and also acupuncture treatment. The treatments target at improving the immune system instead of just focusing on the symptoms.

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From a study done by Dr Julia Wisniewski, 14 children who had severe eczema symptoms were selected as participants. The treatment included Erka Shizheng Herbal tea to be taken twice a day, herbal bath daily, herbal cream and also acupuncture treatments. After eight months of treatment, over half of them had improved and only had mild eczema symptoms! The study showed promising results but more research must be done. However, it does show that TCM methods do work as well or might be even better than western medicine in treating eczema. Would you give TCM a try?  

Do also note that Traditional Chinese Medicine does take a longer time for its effect to be shown as it is treating not only the external but the internal as well. TCM treatments are generally safe for all as they use natural herbs and ingredients. But if you are taking any oral medication or undergoing any treatment, do consult with your doctor if it is advisable before starting the treatment to prevent any unwanted side effects.