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Going to the toilet to do your ‘business’ might not be the topic everyone discusses with their friends, but looking at your poop can tell you the state of your health more than you think. If you think that as long as you visit the toilet daily to do your ‘business’ is good enough, that might not really be the case. Find out below if your poop is healthy or unhealthy by looking at its colour and shape!



Your poop can come in a total of 6 colours! As long as your poop is brown or even slightly greenish, you’re okay! 


If your poop is yellow, it means that there is too much fat. Yellow poop is usually greasy and sticky too. This may be due to a disorder such as malabsorption that is causing your body to be unable to absorb enough nutrients. 


When your poop is reddish, there are three explanations for it – either you ate things which are red, haemorrhoids, or bleeding in the lower intestine. Continue to monitor your poop for a few days and if it remains red, it’s mostly likely haemorrhoids or bleeding in the lower intestine. 

White or pale

Yes, having white or pale stool is possible! The pigment of your poop comes from bile, so if your poop is either white or pale-looking, your bile duct is most probably blocked. If your bile duct is blocked, get a diagnosis and treatment. Blocked bile ducts left untreated can cause serious infection! 


Having blue poop is pretty uncommon, but it can happen! If you have blue poop, do not panic – it’s most likely that you’ve eaten something with blue dye in large quantity! As long as your poop is blue (not blue-green), after a day or two, your poop should return to its usual colour.   


Did you know that iron supplements might be the culprit behind why your poop turned black? Eating liquorice or certain medications can turn your poop black as well. However, if you did not have any of these, it could be a sign of bleeding.

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Little pellets

If you find it hard to pass motion and your poop is small and separate hard lumps, it is definitely a sign of constipation. This also means that your poop has been in your intestine for several weeks! 

Lumpy stool

This is also another sign of constipation. This type of poop often will hurt the most as it is large and firm, having stayed in your intestine for more than 3 days. Drink more water and eat fibre to prevent your poop from staying in your intestine for too long! 

Smooth and long

Normal poop should feel relatively easy to pass out. Having a smooth and long poop is a sign that your poop is healthy and is typical when one poops every one to three days. 

Soft blob

This is commonly seen for people who visit the toilet to do their business two to three times a day! They might also find themselves always looking for a toilet after eating a meal. 

Mushy poop

Mushy poop is an early sign of diarrhoea. It means that the poop passes through the colon too fast for water and nutrients to be extracted out.   

Liquid poop

Liquid poop is the most serious stage of diarrhoea. If it persists for more than 24 hours, contact your doctor for medication. 

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Now that you’ve learned the art of looking at poop, start observing yours! It might reveal some secrets you never knew about your health!