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Working in the office meant sitting at the desk for a prolonged period. Do you experience pain in your shoulders and stiff neck? Or do you have poor blood circulation? Stay healthy with these useful tips at your workplace!

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#1. Sit in the right posture

Make sure you are not slouching at your desk by checking the height of your chair. You should be able to rest your arms flat on the desk comfortably. Also, consider getting a cushion that can be placed on your office chair so you can rest and lean back comfortably while still getting that back support.

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#2. Computer breaks

Every 30 minutes, take a break from the computer screen by looking at a faraway object. This will help to prevent long screen time from damaging your eyes. If you wear glasses, get an anti-glare filter for your monitor screen or a prescribed glasses with blue light filter. 

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#3. Coffee breaks

Stand up to refill your water, get a cup of coffee or take a toilet break every hour or so. It’ll help you to feel refreshed too, especially if you’re feeling lethargic at work. When we’re too focused on our work, we tend to exert pressure on our necks without realizing it. Massage your neck to loosen the stiffness on your neck while you’re taking your break. 

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#4. Keep healthy snacks

Instead of reaching for that chocolate bar for energy, keep healthy snacks such as almonds, walnuts or even oatmeal bar. They will give you the energy you need minus the calories! 

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#5. Avoid air blowing directly on you

If the air-con is blowing directly onto you, direct the air so that it’s not blowing on you or lower the temperature. This can help protect your shoulders and joints. 

However, these tips alone are not enough; be watchful of what you eat for lunch and remember to exercise regularly to keep yourself in the pink of health! If you are feeling lethargic or find yourself always struggling to stay awake despite having 7-8 hours of sleep, try some tcm health supplements that might give you that boost of energy you need in your system, such as Men’s Boost+!