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Looking for a natural way to boost your immunity system? Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) can help to boost your immunity by targeting to improve your spleen, stomach and kidney. In the TCM perspectives, these three organs are the basis for a good health. 

Spleen and stomach affect the rate of the absorption rate while the kidney is crucial for maintaining the yin and yang balance in the body. The balance of yin and yang is vital to a healthy body and strong immune system. Using TCM herbs improves the functions of spleen, stomach and kidney, enhancing the immunity system as a result. 


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These are five Traditional Chinese Medicine (tcm) herbs that helps to strengthen your immunity system: 

Cordyceps – used to treat coughs, kidney disorders, regulate heartbeat, liver disorders, dizziness, high cholesterol. 

Garlic – another herb that is effective to help you fight off cold, reducing your blood pressure as well as improving cholesterol levels. It is a popular ingredient that most of us in Singapore love using when we  are cooking, so do add more into your dish the next time. 

Ginseng – one of the many TCM herbs that can improve your immune system. It acts as an energy booster, fighting fatigue and promoting energy. It can also improve brain function and it is proven to be  good for fighting inflammation in the body.

Lingzhi – also known as the Reishi mushroom is well-known for stopping the growth of bacteria and viruses that can be found in flu. Eating Lingzhi can enhance the immune system and so your body can fight off the common cold and flu.

Lotus seeds – good for diabetes, treats insomnia, increase energy level, maintains cardiovascular health. 

These herbs can cooked and eaten using different recipes – soup, porridge, dishes. However, do consult a licensed Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) physician especially if you are intending to feed your children with TCM herbs as everyone’s body constitution is different. 

Lingzhi Cracked Spores Powder Capsules (60 capsules)

Lingzhi spores are the seeds released by the matured Lingzhi plant. It contains all the essential nutrients and active ingredients such as Polysaccharides, Triterpenes compound, amino acids, minerals, proteins and vitamins. Therefore, it is more prized and effective than Lingzhi. The active ingredient of the spores helps to support immune system, improve the body’s healing ability, reduce fatigue, protect the liver and improve sleep quality.