Whether you’re planning to have children soon or a few years later as a newlywed, couples are encouraged to go for fertility checks to aid them in their family planning. Of course, every couple would hope to be able to conceive naturally, but with both the husband and wife working in today’s fast-paced society, both parties are subjected to stress from work and other areas in life. Did you know that stress is actually one of the most common contributing factors for infertility? Undergoing a fertility check can not only detect any underlying medical conditions, but it can also help to better plan for a family, such as seeking treatment earlier if needed. 

For couples who have been trying to conceive, they are encouraged to undergo a fertility check if they have been trying for a year. Doctors would only advise couples to undergo fertility treatments for couples who have spent six months to twelve months trying to conceive naturally. 

Wondering where you and your partner should go for a fertility check? Check out the list below for various options!

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Government Hospitals

Currently, there are only 3 government hospitals which offer fertility checks. You can make appointments with these hospitals directly, but it’s better to visit a polyclinic and get a referral from them for a subsidised rate for the fertility check! It does take an additional trip to the polyclinic, but it can help you save quite a sum! Do note that tests are ordered according to the doctor’s assessment – there are no basic packages available. The 3 government hospitals which do fertility checks are: 

  • National University Hospital (NUH)
  • Singapore General Hospital (SGH)
  • KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH)

Mount Elizabeth Fertility Centre

Founded in 1988, Mount Elizabeth Fertility Centre is an established fertility treatment facility in Singapore. They have a team of experienced specialists that will be able to give you advice and a comprehensive treatment with their expertise in modern technologies. A basic fertility assessment will cost $374 (inclusive of GST). The assessment includes:

  • A pelvic ultrasound scan for the women
  • A semen analysis for the man
  • A consultation session. 

Address: 3 Mount Elizabeth, Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Level 3, Singapore 228510

Tel: +65 6731 2693 

Email: ivf@parkwaypantai.com

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Thomson Fertility Centre

Established in 2000, Thomson Fertility Centre started with the expertise and technology hailing from the Assisted Conception Unit at Kings College in the United Kingdom. They offer a comprehensive list of services, so rest assured that you’ll be in good hands! Fertility screening for couples at $450 (inclusive of GST) includes: 

  • A comprehensive blood test
  • A ultrasound scan for the woman
  • A semen analysis for the man
  • A review session with a fertility specialist

* Price excludes the cost of a first consultation

Address: 8 Sinaran Drive. Novena Specialist Center, Level 7 #07-02/03/04/05/06/07, Singapore 307470

Email: tfc@thomsonmedical.com

Raffles Fertility Centre 

Combined with advanced technology and a team of specialists, Raffles Fertility Centre provides a wide range of services to meet the specific needs of each couple. For a fertility assessment at Raffles Fertility Centre, it is priced at $379 which includes: 

  • Pelvic ultrasound scan for women
  • A review session of results with a fertility specialist 
  • Egg reserve blood test (AMH)
  • Pap smear for women
  • Thyroid-stimulating hormone test
  • Prolactin hormone test
  • Semen analysis (for men)

Address: Raffles Hospital, 585 North Bridge Road, Singapore 188770 

Tel: (65) 6311 1111

Email: enquiries@raffleshospital.com

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Virtus Fertility Centre

Owned by Virtus Health, Virtus Fertility Centre have a wide network of specialists and staffs that are dedicated to providing you with the best care. A basic fertility assessment at $299 includes: 

  • A pelvic ultrasound for the woman
  • A semen analysis for the man
  • A couple consultation session with a fertility specialist 

Address: 9 Scotts Road, Units #09-01 to 05, Scotts Medical Centre @ Pacific Plaza, Singapore 228210