Find yourself falling sick every now and then? Instead of treating the symptoms, boost and strengthen your immune system so that your body will be able to fight off viruses. Here are 7 simple ways which you can boost your immunity naturally! 

1. Herbs And Supplements

Herbs such as astragalus, elderberry and echinacea are some of the well-known herbs that can help to boost your immune system and reduce the severity of your cold or flu if you take them as soon as symptoms of cold or flu start showing. Give tcm supplements a try to give your immunity support

2. Eating healthily

A healthy and nutritious diet is crucial for a healthy immune system. You are what you eat, so try to include more antioxidant fruits and superfood in your diet to give your body a boost of vitamins and nutrients it needs to fight off germs and bacteria that we come into contact with daily.

3. Regular Exercise

Exercising regularly does a lot of wonders for the body – improving cardiovascular health, controlling your body weight, improving blood circulation and also as a prevention against other diseases. It also helps to boost the immune system by recirculating a type of white blood cell call T cells which helps the body to fight off infection. However, do note that continuous rigorous exercise might cause more harm than damage by weakening the immune system without giving the body enough time to rest. In TCM’s perspective, exercising helps to regulate the Qi in the body.

4. Manage stress

When you’re under stress, the stress hormones, cortisol is released in the body. Stress hormones have the ability to disrupt T-cells’ ability to reproduce and receive signals from the body. When they can’t reproduce or receive signals, they won’t be able to help fight off the infection in the body.

5. Control Your Alcohol Intake And Smoking

Moderate alcohol intake is alright for your body, but excessive drinking is bad for the immune system as alcohol can impair the immune system it’s bad for your lungs too. Smoking has the same effect on your immune system and lungs too. Not only that, but it also decreases the response of your immune system in fighting off infection.

6. Hygiene

Do you make sure to wash your hand before every meal? Our hands come in contact with lots of bacteria and germs daily, so it’s important to wash your hands with warm water and soap for 15 to 20 seconds before eating or after coughing, sneezing etc.

7. Getting enough sleep 

Having you been pulling all-nighters regularly due to your work? Having enough sleep is essential for your body to rest and recharge, especially those cells in your body which is vital for guarding your body against infection. Having enough rest also helps you to feel refresh and alert, allowing you to work and function more efficiently in the day.