Image by Wendy Burchfield via Flickr

Shocked at the amount of hair falls after a shower? Or when you brush through your hair? What causes hair loss? Genetics is definitely one of the reasons for hair loss – but late nights, stress, unhealthy diets, poor blood circulation can all lead to hair loss too. 

Think you have a hair fall problem? Before you start looking up on how to stop hair loss and hair loss treatments in Singapore, did you know that it’s considered normal to lose from 100 to 150 strands of hair per day? However, if you noticed more hair falls than usual, you might want to check these simple ways for hair growth remedies to curb hair fall. 

1. Get the right shampoo

Frustrated at how shampoos just don’t seem to work? A lot of shampoo hair products in Singapore tend to overpromise, so check if the shampoo has one or two of these ingredients to help combat hair loss.

  1. Ketoconazole. Designed to control skin fungus, widely used to control dandruff and hair loss.  
  2. Salicylic acid. Helps to remove the buildup of sebum, creating a healthier environment to promote hair growth. 
  3. Pyrithione zinc. Stops the multiplying of fungal and bacterial cells, good for treating itchy scalps. 
  4. Biotin. Helps in growing strong and healthy hair and speeding up the hair growth too.  
  5. Niacin. It is also what we know as Vitamin B3 that helps to speed up the rate of hari growth. 

Look out for these key ingredients on the label at the back of the shampoos or other hair products during your next purchase! 


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2. Shower in cool water

Though the weather is humid in Singapore, we know we still shower in hot water in the morning before heading out of the house. If you don’t shower before heading out, we won’t judge you – we might just stand further away from you in the MRT. Taking a hot bath is great, but did you know that it will damage our scalp by causing our hair strands to shrink and eventually causing hair loss? During your next shower, try lowering the temperature of the water. 

3. Supplements and vitamins

 You’re what you eat, literally. What you might be lacking is sufficient Vitamin B3, Vitamin C and minerals like Zinc and Iron. Other than taking hair growth supplements, take note of your diet as well. For example, too much oily food will lead to an oily scalp. This will reduce hair follicle size and also clogs up your pores. Eating out too much will increase your intake of MSG and sodium, harming your health and your hair. So instead of eating out or dabao, try to prepare your meals or opt for supplements high in iron if you have iron deficiency such as the Black Fungus Extract Capsules.  


4. Acupuncture

Yeah, the thought of sticking needles on your scalp is a terrifying thought. However, acupuncture can help to promote hair growth by targeting your hair follicles in two ways. Firstly, it reduces follicle inflammation, creating a healthy environment for your hair to grow in. Secondly, acupuncture helps to increase blood circulation to the scalp. This delivers nutrients needed for strong, healthy hair! According to a study done on 78 patients over the course of 4 months, acupuncture proved to be more effective than other common forms of treatment, with an effective rate of 97.7%! Start considering acupuncture for hair loss if you want to regrow your mane. 

5. Stop the heat

We all know how using too much heat styling tools will damage our hair. Using high heat on our hair actually causes them to become brittle and fall out easily. Some professions require the use of heat hair styling tools, so a general rule of thumb would be to limit the styling tool to 10s on each area of your hair. If you have time, use cool air to dry your hair instead of hot air!