With the spread of COVID-19, it has certainly been a wake-up call and a reminder that everyone should practise good personal hygiene habits as well as maintaining the cleanliness in Singapore. 

Throughout the day, we come into contact with alot of objects once we step out of the house – from door handles, lift buttons, tables and more. Keeping good personal hygiene can help to prevent spreading germs and bacteria around and getting it in your food. Eating healthy and right is also another important habit. Supplement your diet with TCM health supplements! Practice these 6 hygiene habits to keep sickness at bay! 

1. Always wash your hand before eating

While it might seem like a no-brainer, the majority of us are guilty for just wiping our hands with tissue paper or not washing our hands at all before eating! Though hand sanitizer is a good alternative especially when we are lazy to get up, it is not as effective as washing hands with water and soap! 

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2. Throw away used tissue papers

Whether you used the tissue paper to cover your mouth when you sneeze or just to wipe your hands after you have finish eating, never throw used tissue papers into the plates or bowls. Throw them straight into the wastebin to prevent cleaners from picking up germs and bacteria from the used tissue papers and spreading it to others. If you are sick, also consider visiting a doctor or get some TCM supplements for common ailments

3. Eat on trays

As much as we love to eat without the trays in hawker centres and kopitiams, eating on the trays can help to prevent spills on tables. If you are down with a cough or flu, it can decrease the likelihood of your germs spreading to cleaner when they clean up after you. Plus, it also makes their job easier! 

4. Avoid touching your face

Once you’re out of the house, avoid touching your face! We touch so many objects once we are out of the house, from poles on the MRT to handrails on the escalators. Germs and bacteria on your hands can enter your body through your eyes, nose and mouth. If you have to touch your face, use hand sanitizers or wash your hands beforehand! 

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5. Use serving spoons when sharing meals

Singapore is a food paradise and we love to share our food as well! When sharing a meal whether it’s with your friends or family members, it’s always a good practice to use a common spoon or ladle. This can avoid the spreading of flu or cough if someone is feeling slightly unwell.

6. Take a shower once you get home

Many of us love to plop onto the sofa after a long day at work, or lie on the bed once we get home. Stop that bad habit and head to the shower immediately once you get home! You might look clean but you don’t know what bacteria or germs your clothes have picked up from seats or objects.