Whether you’re planning to have children soon or in a few years’ time, couples are encouraged to go for fertility checks to aid them in their family planning. Every couple hope to be able to conceive naturally, but with both the husband and wife working in today’s fast-paced society, both parties are subjected to stress from work and other areas in life.

Did you know that stress is actually one of the most common contributing factors for infertility? Undergoing a fertility check can not only detect any underlying medical conditions, but it can also help couple to better plan for a family, such as seeking treatment earlier if needed. 

For couples who have been trying to conceive for more than a year, they are encouraged to go for a fertility check. From there, doctors would advise couples to undergo fertility treatments if they have spent six months to twelve months trying to conceive naturally. 

Wondering where you and your partner should go for a fertility check in Singapore? Check out the list below for various options!

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目前,只有 3 家政府医院提供生育检查。您可以直接与这些医院预约,但最好去综合诊所并从他们那里获得转诊,以获得生育检查的补贴!去综合诊所确实需要额外的旅行,但它可以帮助您节省一大笔钱!请注意,测试是根据医生的评估进行的——没有配套的。进行生育检查的 3 家政府医院是: 

  • 国立大学医院 (NUH)
  • 新加坡中央医院 (SGH)
  • KK 妇女儿童医院 (KKH)


成立于 1988 年, 伊丽莎白山生育中心 is an established fertility treatment facility in Singapore. They have a team of experienced specialists that will be able to give you advice and a comprehensive treatment with their expertise in modern technologies. There are various fertility checks which are available 按这个链接.

地址: 3 Mount Elizabeth, Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Level 3, Singapore 228510

电话: +65 6731 2693 

电邮: ivf@parkwaypantai.com

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成立于 2000 年, 汤姆森生育中心 其起源于英国国王学院辅助受孕科的专业知识和技术。他们提供了全面的服务列表,所以请放心,您会得到很好的服务! 450 新元(包括消费税)的夫妻生育检查包括: 

  • 全面的验血
  • 女人的超声波扫描
  • 男性精液分析
  • 与生育专家了解结果报告

* 价格不包括第一次咨询的费用

Address: Paragon Medical Centre, 290 Orchard Road, #19-01 (Access via Lift Lobby F), Singapore 238859

Tel: (65) 6252 7766

电邮: tfc@thomsonmedical.com


结合先进的技术和专家团队, 莱佛士生育中心 provides a wide range of services to meet the specific needs of each couple. For a fertility assessment at Raffles Fertility Centre, it is priced at $396.10 which includes: 

  • 女性盆腔超声检查
  • 与生育专家了解结果报告 
  • 卵子储备血液测试 (AMH)
  • 女性子宫颈抹片检查
  • 促甲状腺激素测试
  • 催乳素测试
  • 精液分析(男性)

地址: Raffles Hospital, 585 North Bridge Road, Singapore 188770 

Tel: (65) 6311 1250

电邮: enquiries@raffleshospital.com

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Virtus 生育中心

归 Virtus Health 所有, Virtus 生育中心 have a wide network of specialists and staffs that are dedicated to providing you with the best care. A basic fertility assessment at $330.65 w/GST includes: 

  • 女性盆腔超声
  • 男性精液分析
  • 与生育专家的一对夫妇咨询会议 

地址: 9 Scotts Road, Units #09-01 to 05, Scotts Medical Centre @ Pacific Plaza, Singapore 228210

Tel: (65) 6460 4555