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Shocked at the amount of hair falling after a shower? Or when you brush through your hair? What causes hair loss? Genetics is definitely one of the reasons for 脱发 的原因之一-但是深夜,压力,不健康的饮食,血液循环不良也会导致脱发。 


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1. 选择正确的洗发水


  1. 酮康唑。专为控制皮肤真菌而设计,广泛用于控制头皮屑和脱发  
  2. 水杨酸。帮助去除皮脂堆积,创造更健康的环境,促进头发生长。 
  3. 吡啶酮锌。阻止真菌和细菌细胞的繁殖,对治疗发痒的头皮非常有用。 
  4. 生物素。帮助生长强壮健康的头发,并加快头发的生长。  
  5. Niacin. It is also what we know as Vitamin B3 that helps to speed up the rate of hair growth. 


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2. 在凉水中淋浴

Though the weather is humid in Singapore, we know we still shower in hot water in the morning before heading out of the house. But if you don’t shower before heading out, we promise we won’t judge you either! Taking a hot bath is great, but did you know that it will damage our scalp by causing our hair strands to shrink and eventually causing hair loss? During your next shower, try lowering the temperature of the water.

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脱落头发也跟我们所吃的有很大的关联。您可能缺少的是足够的维生素B3,维生素C和诸如锌和铁的矿物质。除了服用头发生长补剂以外,还应注意饮食。例如,过多的油性食物会导致油性头皮。这将减少毛囊的大小,并堵塞毛孔。饮食过多会增加您的味精和钠摄入量,从而损害您的健康和头发。尝试 dabao或是自己准备含铁量高的餐点,例如 浓缩黑木耳胶囊.  

There are also foods for healthy hair growth! Incorporate such foods into your daily diet but unquestionably, supplements and vitamins are one of the most effective and convenient ways to ensure that you have the nutrients you need for healthy hair.

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Yeah, the thought of sticking needles on your scalp is a terrifying thought. However, acupuncture can help to promote hair growth by targeting your hair follicles in two ways. Firstly, it reduces follicle inflammation, creating a healthy environment for your hair to grow in. Secondly, acupuncture helps to increase blood circulation to the scalp. This delivers nutrients needed for strong, healthy hair!

According to a 研究表明, 在4个月的疗程中对78位患者进行的实验,针灸被证明比其他常见的治疗方式更有效,有效率为97.7%!如果您想使鬃毛长大,请开始考虑针灸治疗脱发。 

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