5 Nutritious Confinement Meals Caterers for moms in Singapore

Confinement is an important period for new moms to rest and recover from childbirth in Singapore. Across the different local communities in Singapore, they believe that there is ‘wind’ in the mother’s body after giving birth, hence the goal is to get rid of the ‘wind’ and prevent more ‘wind’ from entering the body. Besides being confined to a room for this period, what new moms eat are very important as well. Moms need to follow a very strict diet – avoid ‘cooling’ food and eat food that will keep the body warm and give them immunity support, such as herbal soups made with tradtional chinese herbs (TCM) and tonic drink like Benedictine’ D.O.M.! 

Knowing what can be eaten or not can be confusing, and getting your confinement nanny or others to prepare confinement meals at home can get quite repetitive and boring, so check out these list of confinement meal caterers in Singapore! Not only do you have a wide variety to choose from, but their prices are also reasonable! 


Noor’s Confinement was started by Late Mdm Noor who started a canteen stall in Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park in 2008. By the word-of-mouth, she started to receive orders for confinement meals and thus Noor’s Confinement started. Meals cooked only uses Halal products. For Muslim friends, this will be the place to check out for Malay confinement food delivery! However, over the years, the menu has been redesigned to create dishes that are suitable and nutritious for all races in Singapore. For small eaters, Noor’s Confinement also offers bento meals. Confinement trial meal starts from $25. 


Nanny SOS is a confinement nanny agency in Singapore that is registered and approved by Ministry of Manpower (MOM) since 2011. They provide prenatal and postnatal services. One service provided is confinement meals delivery. Other than normal confinement meals, new moms can also opt for the confinement herbal package to help replenish the body.


Tian Wei Signature 

To make new moms’ confinement period more enjoyable, Tian Wei provides Japanese cuisine as part of their confinement meals too! Each menu also includes superfoods which are good for breastfeeding! They are attentive to the needs of moms by providing 1Litre of Red Date Tea too for each meal to help further increase milk production! Not only do they have a wide variety of food to choose from, but customers also raved about their generous portion and tasty meals. They also have a great customer team to answer your enquiries and special requests. You can try out a meal for $30 before signing up for their packages. 

Natal Essentials

New moms can eat healthily and free of worries with Natal Essentials’ cooking principle which uses less oil, less salt and no MSG. Some of their featured dishes include Braised Vinegar Trotter with Egg, Double Boiled White Fungus and Papaya Pork Rib Soup, American Ginseng and Carrot Black Chicken Soup and more! Choose from their selection of delicacies. Give their trial meals a try at $32.10. 



NouRiche is part of the RichFood Group Pte Ltd, the pioneer in the confinement meals delivery in Singapore. At NouRiche, they aim to provide food which is nourishing for new mothers to prevent any health effects later on. Their signature meals are delectable and packed with nutrients as these dishes use Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) herbs such as Cordyceps, Chicken Essence and more! Other than main dishes, NouRiche also offers desserts and teas on their menu! They also have a vegan menu specially catered for vegan moms! Trial meals are at $32.10.