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As we transit from young adults to adults, we tend to pay more attention to our 皮肤 and looks. Notice more grey hairs growing out? Or more fine wrinkles appearing around your eyes or mouth? Whether it’s changing the style of our clothes, putting on makeup or changing the hairstyle of our hair, we try to look younger than our actual age. 

Other than premature aging that is determined by your genetics which is beyond your control, you might want to avoid these 10 habits which you might be doing that is speeding up the formation of wrinkles! 

Avoiding these 10 habits and making sure that you practice the right skincare routine may, on the other hand, help to keep wrinkles at bay!

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1. Not moisturizing enough

Moisturizing starts from young! Taking proper care of your skin by doing your skincare routine is important to keep your face blemish and wrinkle-free! Other than keeping your youthful looks, some studies have also suggested that it may lower your inflammation levels too which can reduce your risk of age-related health issues!

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2. Not drinking plenty of water

The body is made up of 70% of water so it’s important to keep the body constantly hydrated with water everyday. If you noticed your face looking dry and patchy, chances are you are not drinking enough fluid. Keep your face hydrated and free of wrinkles with plenty of H2O. It is not only good for women’s face, but 女性健康 as well! 

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3. Worrying too much

Being under stress all can not only affect you mentally, emotionally, but physically as well. Are you constantly worrying about the small things in life? This will undoubtedly hasten the process of aging! It can cause fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes as being under stress increases the secretion of two hormones which has a negative impact on your immune system. Other than that, you also run the risk of high blood pressure. Remember to find things that can help you to destress and learn to worry less for better health!

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4. Sleeping on your side

Curling up and sleeping on your sides is one of the most common and favourite positions! But did you know that sleeping on your side can crease creases on your cheeks? This can become permanent overtime and the wrinkles can deepen if you’re using a rough pillowcase! Sleep on your back or make sure your pillowcase uses a satin cover.

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5. Sleeping with makeup on

Most of us have probably been guilty of sleeping with our makeup on – whether it’s knocking out after a party night out or just being too lazy to remove the makeup immediately after getting home. This will clog your pores and removes the natural oils on the face, causing premature lines and wrinkles.

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6. Drinking too much coffee

Coffee is a good energy booster and a staple in most breakfast. However, if you are worried about the wrinkles which are starting to form on your face, you might want to switch your cup of coffee for some other drinks. Coffee contains caffeine which is diuretic. It can cause you to lose more fluids and cause dehydration, making your skin look dull and old. Limit the amount of coffee you drink or make sure to replenish your body with lots of water.

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7. Heading out without sunglasses

Being in Singapore’s climate with summer all year round, its always hot and sunny. Most of the time we are used to heading out of the house and squinting to help our eyes adjust to the brightness. However, constant squinting can cause permanent wrinkles around your eyes. Make sure to bring a pair of sunglasses the next time you head to the beach or if you know you are going to be out in the sun most of the time!

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8. Having a sweet tooth

Yes, sugar can increase weight but that’s not the only effect they have on our health. They can damage our skin too and speed up the aging process by dehydrating the skin, causing wrinkles as well as dark eyes.

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9. Unbalanced diet

Our parents are constantly nagging at us to eat our greens from young. If you are still picking out vegetables from your dishes, it’s time to heed your parent’s advise and finish all those greens! They are packed with antioxidants that help to protect your skin from free radicals. Free radicals can harm and damage your skin cells, leading to wrinkles and increasing the risk of other cancers. Slow down the process of aging by keeping a balanced diet!

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10. Smoking

Smoking is a very unhealthy habit that can cause all sorts of damage to our body. Other than increasing the risk of mouth, lung cancer and heart disease, it can damage the skin and cause one to look old and dull, creating fine wrinkles!


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