7 Simple Tips To Alleviate Dry Eyes In The Office

Many might think that exposing our eyes to blue light emissions that are coming from devices whether it’s the computer screen or the mobile screen for a prolonged period of time is not a real cause for concern.

However, the problem of dry eyes is more common amongst office workers than you think. After hours of staring at the computer screen, do the words become blurry? Or are your eyes red and irritated? If you can relate to these symptoms, you have dry eyes! 

Though it might not result in any life-threatening condition, it can certainly affect your productivity while you work and in your everyday life too. Follow these simple tips to protect your eyes and prevent dry eyes from lowering your productivity! 


These are some of the common causes of dry eyes syndrome faced by office workers and the simple remedy you can do to alleviate dry eyes. 

  • You sit near the air-con. Try to swing the vent up so that the air is not blowing directly on you. Blowing wind can evaporate the moisture in your eyes, leading to dry eyes. 
  • Poor lighting in your office. This will cause you to strain your eyes as you try to read the screen. Pull back some curtains if you are sitting near the window, or add a desk lamp to your work desk.
  • You stare at the computer screen for a long period of time. Take a break following the 20-20-20 rule! Experts recommend taking a break every 20 minutes by looking at something that is at least 20 feet away for 20 seconds. 
  • The air is dry in your office. Bring a small humidifier and place it on your desk. Besides that, it’s important that you stay hydrated as well! Stay hydrated by drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day. 
  • Your computer screen is too bright. The glare from the computer screen can cause your eyes fatigue. If you have your computer screen at 100 per cent, lower it to a comfortable level of brightness for your eyes. 
  • The position of your screen from your seat. Firstly, check that the screen is an arm’s length away from you. Secondly, your eye level should fall below the top of the monitor two or three inches. 
  • You are wearing contact lenses. Wearing contact lenses limits the oxygen flow to your eyes, causing dry eyes. Instead, put on your work glasses. It can help to prevent air from blowing directly into your eyes and drying them out as well!   

You should also complement these tips by trying over-the-counter eye drops which you can get easily at our local pharmacies! Acupuncture for the eyes might also be another solution!

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Artificial tears are good to provide immediate relief to your eyes. If you have tried out these simple tips and they don’t seem to be working or if you observed that the condition has worsened, visit a doctor immediately to seek professional help.


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