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并非所有的胆固醇都是坏的。胆固醇可分为两种类型——低密度脂蛋白和高密度脂蛋白。低密度脂蛋白是我们通常所说的“坏胆固醇”,因为它们是导致动脉斑块积聚的胆固醇。另一方面,高密度脂蛋白被称为“好胆固醇”,因为它有助于排出多余的胆固醇。我们体内的胆固醇是由肝脏自然产生的。有趣的事实:我们体内的胆固醇只有 25% 来自于我们的食物!当我们摄入额外的胆固醇时,肝脏会减少胆固醇的产生量。 

然而,并不是所有的人都这么幸运。虽然体内因为饮食而有了大量的胆固醇, 有些人的肝脏并不会自己调节胆固醇的产生量,从而增加体内胆固醇的总量。所以, 最好的方法是通过调节我们每天摄入的量来控制我们的胆固醇总量!事实上,许多人在咨询医生或中医执业医师以了解他们的病情后,都会转向传 中医药 保健品 来控制 胆固醇。 

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If you love your yoghurts, check if they are full-fat or not! Try switching to the low-fat ones and you can still enjoy your yoghurts as usual without worrying about your cholesterol. Once you’ve gotten used to the low-fat ones, give greek yoghurt a go as they contain lesser trans fat compared to the normal full-fat yoghurt. 

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Cookies, muffins and pastries are some of the baked goods that people with high cholesterol should limit their intake of. To increase their shelf life, these baked goods use trans fat which will increase your LDL (bad) cholesterol and lower your HDL (good) cholesterol. 

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#4. Offal

Do you love eating pork’s liver in your bowl of bak chor mee (minced meat noodle)? Or your comforting bowl of pig organ soup? It’s time to cut down on these local delicacies if you have high cholesterol! Skip eating offals the next time you order these dishes. 

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#5. Prawn


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#6. Red Meat


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#7. Ice cream

Eating icecreams frequently can actually raise your cholesterol level! Made from full-fat dairy, an average single serving of ice cream contains a high amount of saturated fat which is about a quarter of the recommended daily intake for adults. It also contains about 10 per cent for the daily intake of cholesterol. They are certainly yummy, but try to save them for special occasions for your health and waistline if you’re trying to lose weight

If you have a soft spot for ice cream, try switching them for alternatives instead such as frozen yoghurt, sherbet and sorbet which has low saturated fat content.


Some health benefits of Black Fungus Extract Capsules: 

  • Reducing blood clotting to prevent blood vessel blockage.
  • High iron content ensures adequate blood supply and circulation.
  • It contains rich dietary fibres and special pectin to promote motility of stomach and intestine to excrete fats in the intestine, lowering the blood cholesterol level.
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