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Our liver is one of the main organs that help us to clear out the toxins in our blood, as well as processing the food we eat to ensure that our body stays as healthy as possible. It is also involved in blood clotting among many other things which is easy to see why our liver health is essential in having a healthy body. 

However, damage to the liver does not show much signs and symptoms until the damage is fairly advanced. Take care of your liver health and if you notice any of these signs and symptoms, you should see your doctor! 

#1. Yellow Eyes or Skin

Have you noticed that the skin of the whites of the eyes is turning yellow? This is also known as jaundice. The liver will eliminate bilirubin in the body by converting it into bile and excreting out as stool. 

Most newborns have jaundice as their liver is not mature enough to get rid of bilirubin in their body. While it is common in newborn babies, adults should take note if they have jaundice as it could signal that their liver is having issues with functioning. Jaundice might be temporary or persist for a longer period of time, so its best to check with your doctor to find out exactly what went wrong. 

#2. Swelling Stomach and Legs

When the liver fails to function properly, another common sign is that you will notice swelling in the abdomen and legs. This is due to the liver’s failure in making albumin, a type of protein that prevents fluids from leaking from the bloodstream into the tissue. For mild water retention, a low-sodium diet may help. For severe cases, turn to doctors for help! 

#3. Get Bruises Easily 

As the liver is responsible for producing proteins that aids in blood clotting when we have cuts or bruises, it is easy for one whose liver is not functioning as per normal to gain bruises easily. They will also notice that the bruises or cuts do not heal as fast as usual. 

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#4. Drowsiness and Confusion

Liver plays an important role in removing the chemicals and toxins in our body. When the liver cannot function normally, these chemicals and toxins get absorbed back into the bloodstream. If there is a high concentration of ammonia in the bloodstream, it can affect the brain and cause drowsiness.

#5. Dark Urine

Seeing dark urine might mean that you need to drink more water, but it is also one of the many tell-tale signs of liver malfunction. Just like how bilirubin turns our skin and the whites of the eyes yellow, it can change the color of your pee as well. 

#6. Red palms 

While your skin might be yellowish, you might notice that the palm of your hands is reddened, accompanied by itching or burning sensations. This condition is also known as palmar erythema. It usually occurs when there is an abnormal level of hormones in the blood.

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#7. Itchy Skin

Do you notice that your skin gets itchy lately? While most of us dismiss itchy skin, it can be a sign that there is something wrong with our liver. When the liver is damaged, the bile duct can get blocked, causing bile to flow back into the bloodstream. As bile accumulates, it can cause the skin to itch.