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面对床上的一些问题?无论是 男性健康女性健康, it’s important to take note and make sure you stay in shape. Other than physical health, there are a number of factors which can kill your libido – smoking, medications and many more. However, one of the contributing factors we always tend to overlook is our dietary habits. Steer clear of these foods if you tend to consume them frequently! 

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Could you say no to cheese? Cheese is absolutely delicious. But being made from cow’s milk which might contain synthetic hormones, eating cheese can mess with the natural production of hormones in your body such as estrogen and testosterone. So, try to stay away from the heavenly smell of cheese, if you can.

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Indulging your sweet tooth is firstly going to affect your health – such as running the risk of obesity, increasing blood sugar level and also the risk of heart disease. These are just some of the many potential health issues. 

But did you know, sugar also reduces testosterone levels. In a 研究表明,, guys aged from 19 to 74 were given 75g of sugar, twice the recommended daily intake for men. After consuming the sugar, their testosterone levels were tested and it showed a 25 percent decrease on average. 

If you’re craving sugar, opt for fruits or other healthy snacks that contain naturally occurring sugar! However, if you need that sugar in your cup of coffee every morning,  choose stevia instead of normal sugar as the stevia is derived from plants and it is 200 times sweeter than normal sugar! That means a lot less sugar is needed when you’re adding sugar to your coffee. 

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You must be surprised that coffee is on this list because coffee has its health benefits, such as increasing your endurance and stamina! This fact still stands – only if you do not get the jitters from coffee. For those who do, they would experience a lower sex drive. So if you are one of those who are sensitive to caffeine, try some other drinks in the morning such as Chai tea for a pick-me-up. 

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One of the most common date ideas ever – movies with popcorn after dinner. But if you like to save some bucks and have microwaved popcorn at home while you’re watching a movie with your other half, it’s time to cut them out. Not because popcorn itself is bad, but because there are chemicals such as perfluorooctanoic acid found in the lining of the popcorn bag that can kill your sex drive. It could even cause prostate problems in the long run. Rest assured that normal popcorn sold at cinemas is fine as they’re freshly popped in the popcorn machine! 

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It is one of the most nutritious and delicious vegetables on the market, but sadly it doesn’t benefit your performance in bed. Beetroot contains compounds that boost estrogen levels, so it’s good for females. For males, though it does not decrease or increase the testosterone levels, eating too much beetroot might cause a hormonal imbalance.  



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