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Briefs kept the male reproductive organs closer to the body, making it a more suitable option when wearing tight pants. Other for fashion, it also has a practical function. Unlike boxers, briefs are able to provide that support and comfortability for men as they play sports or engage in any physical activity. 

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The male reproductive organs are designed to be outside of the body so that it is kept at 2 degree Celsius lower than our body temperature. Only when they are kept at a cooler temperature, the sperm produced will be of better quality. Other than affecting the quality of sperm, the quantity is affected as well. When the temperature of the male reproductive organ rises above 35 degree Celsius, it is deemed too hot for them to produce adequate sperm, leading to low sperm count. 



  • 避免穿紧身裤!如果您要去阳光明媚的地方,或者知道要长时间坐着,请选择宽松的衣服。 
  • Wear boxers whenever you’re not wearing a pair of tight pants. Best of all? Don’t wear them at all when you’re at home or when you go to sleep! 
  •  You don’t usually get to enjoy a sauna session unless you’ve signed up for a gym or club membership, so let’s just make the best use out of your membership, right? You might enjoy your sauna sessions, but the heat will be too much for your male reproductive organ to bear. This applies to soaking in hot water too! While you can still enjoy your sessions, it’s best to cut down on the frequency of it especially if you and your partner is trying for a baby. 

To sum it up, boxers are the best for your male reproductive organs as it allows your male reproductive organs to be further away from your body. However, it does not provide the support needed for daily wear to work. Wear briefs when it’s needed but at other times, stick to boxers! 

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