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Have you experienced sudden itching on the 皮肤 especially when the weather is hot or after a run? This is a skin disease called miliaria, also known as heat rash and it is common in Singapore with its humid weather. 

For mild cases, red patches will appear on the skin with burning or itching sensation. It usually goes away after a cold shower and some medicated cream. For more severe cases, small blisters will appear on the skin. 

Why Does My Skin Itch? 

Heat rash often affects area of the skin which is covered by clothes, such as the back, underarms and chest. They can be triggered by a number of various reasons such as: 

    • Sweating 
    • Tight clothing or synthetic fabrics which trap sweat on the skin
    • New brand of lotion or sunscreens
    • Medication
    • Exposure to allergens eg. dust mites, pollens. 
    • Stress & anxiety
    • 怀孕 

中西药补, heat rash is caused by a deficiency in the functioning of the lungs and spleen. External factors such as wind, cold, heat and humidity can also be the cause of heat rash. 

According to TCM, it is believed that the health of lungs are reflected on the skin. If the lungs are not functioning well and protecting the body against wind, cold, heat and humidity, the skin may become red, itchy and dry. 

The spleen on the other hand, is responsible for converting nutrients we absorbed from food into Qi, the flow of energy around the body and also blood. When the spleen is weak, it will convert nutrients into phlegm and dampness instead. 

The phlegm will, in turn, be stored in the lung. As phlegm accumulates, it will produce heat in the lungs which may trigger heat rash. 

TCM treatment 

Chinese herbal medicine whether it is oral or topical may be prescribed by your physician according to your symptoms. Other TCM treatments such as acupuncture or cupping therapy may be recommended as well to help improve your Qi circulation to relieve the symptoms. 


Chinese herbs such as honeysuckle flower and chrysanthemum flower are known to dispel wind and heat in the body. This can help to reduce the symptoms of heat rash. They are readily available at any TCM stores in Singapore.  

TCM supplement such as All Link’s Skin Allergy Relief Capsules can help to supplement your diet as well. It is prepared using natural herbs that are effective in clearing away heat and toxin, removing dampness and relieving itch. It is recommended for those who suffer from skin problems and skin allergies caused by food consumption.