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Water Retention? 5 Ways To Keep Your Legs Slim

Many older folks experience swollen legs and ankles. While it is not life-threatening, it can pose alot of inconveniences in daily life. Swollen legs and ankles can make walking difficult as well as moving from one place to another as the lower body will feel heavier. This can create more problems, such as increasing the risk of fall.

The excess fluids that build up in the lower body is also known as Edema. It usually occurs on both sides of the body and can be caused by a variety of health issues, 骨骼和关节 issues such as gout, arthritis, kidney disease and many more. Consult a doctor to get a quick diagnosis and find out what health condition is causing edema. 

If you find that water retention frequently occurs on your lower body, try these natural home reliefs at home to keep your legs and lower body slim! 

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#1. Reduce salt intake

Have you noticed yourself waking up with a puffier face in the morning on the nights you have a feast, for example, hotpots! They actually contain a lot of salt. Salt can increase water retention in our body and worsen edema, so you should watch your diet and reduce the amount of salt you are consuming.

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#2. Exercise

Under the advise of your doctor, you can carry out certain exercises that can help to reduce the swelling in your lower body. For example, single knee to chest movement. While lying down on the ground, bring one knee up to the chest and hold for a few seconds before returning it flat on the ground. You can keep the other leg bent or flat. Remember to alternate between the two legs. 

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#3. Compression

Compression stockings or sleeves will usually be recommended by the doctor to prevent any further swelling. Wearing compression stockings puts pressure on the muscles to restrict any fluid from accumulating in the lower body. However, compression stockings are usually recommended for patients with reduced swelling. 

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#4. Elevation

While you are resting at home, try to elevate your legs on pillows. If possible, the best way is to elevate the legs above your heart level. Using the force of gravity, fluids will move from your legs to your heart, reducing the swelling. 

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#5. Feet Bath

While massaging your legs can help to reduce swelling, if you do not have someone to help you with the massaging of legs, try soaking your feet instead! Get a bucket of lukewarm water and throw some salt in! Salt will help to fight the inflammation in the legs and reduce swelling. To maximize the health benefit of this feet bath, use rock salt as it is the pure form of salt. Do this twice a day till the swelling subside.