Overcome Insomnia With Traditional Chinese medicine (Tcm)

Do you have trouble falling asleep at night? Insomnia is not just having difficulty falling asleep – it can be having some problem staying asleep as well. You could also feel unsatisfied with the quality of your sleep, feeling fatigued, having low energy and also encountering difficulty in concentrating. 

Insomnia can also be classified under acute insomnia or chronic insomnia. Acute insomnia does not last long and happens when there are stressful events in life, such as the night before an exam or upon receiving certain bad news. They usually go away after some time without the need for any medical treatment.


Chronic insomnia, on the other hand, occurs at least three nights per week and they last at least three months. Insomnia can result due to a change in your sleep environment, work or certain medications you’re taking or some other medical or psychiatric issue. 

根据 中西药补, sleep is regulated by the natural rhythm of yin yang in the body. During the day, yang provides us with the energy for activities, keeping us warm and alert. At night, yin cools our body so that we become relaxed and calm for sleep. When there is an imbalance of yin yang in the body, it results in insomnia. 

What could contribute to the imbalance in the yin and yang? 

  • Bad dietary habits such as overeating
  • Intense emotions such as sorrow or extreme happiness
  • Illness
  • Old age 

What should you do? 

Eat more ‘yin’ food and less ‘yang’ food. ‘Yin’ foods are considered cooling in nature which includes tofu, cucumber, watermelon and green beans. Other than including more ‘yin’ foods, practise a healthy eating habit such as avoiding heavy meals before bedtime. You can also introduce tcm tablets for indigestion. Cut down on coffee and alcohol as well and opt for a warm glass of milk if you’re feeling famished just before bedtime. There are also TCM herbal tea you can drink to help with insomnia. 

Here are a few Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that can help you with your insomnia: 

  1. Chrysanthemum. Chrysanthemum tea aids in dispelling heat and excessive ‘yang’ energy which is keeping you up at night. 
  2. Red jujubes. Red jujubes, also known as red dates, are commonly prescribed by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) stores in Singapore to treat insomnia due to its calming property that will make you less irritable while aiding in blood circulation at the same time. Let the jujubes steep in hot water for a few minutes before drinking it as a tea. 
  3. 龙眼果实. Longan fruits are also one of the many TCM herbs that can promote a good night sleep. Longan fruits can be eaten raw or steeped in hot water and drinking it as tea.   

You can try some of the above tips for a night of better sleep! But if you have chronic insomnia, it’s best to consult a doctor as insomnia that occurs frequently over a long period of time can affect your daily life, such as your productivity at work. Insomnia can also be a symptom of an underlying health condition which could be severe if left unnoticed.