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Today, there are tons of dieting methods to lose weight – from keto diet, mediterranean diet to even intermittent fasting. The idea of healthy eating also changes fast and constantly with new clinical findings that often debunk what we know to be true previously. 

So what exactly is good for our bodies and how should we consume it? We never seem to be able to find an answer to the question as just when we thought we got the answer, it’s debunked by some research findings.

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TCM Perspective

Traditional Chinese Medicine on the other hand, has one of the world’s oldest medical systems. Chinese medicine can be dated back to the 3rd Century BCE, with the earliest known written record in The Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic. So what does TCM think about the dieting? 

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the main focus of practicing Chinese Medicine is to help the body achieve a balance. The Yin and Yang symbol embodies this principle, where everything should be kept in balance.

Food in TCM is a source of nutrients for the body, and they can be categorized into 5 different types – cold, cool ,neutral, warm and hot – also what we commonly refer to as ‘cold’ or ‘heaty’ food. But don’t be fooled by the terms; the temperature of the food does not determine its category. It’s categorized by the effects it has on the body after consumption. 

When a person continually eats a certain type of food, it can throw the body off-balance, causing sickness in the body. Hence, one of the main goals of Chinese Medicine is to nurture the body and keep it in a ‘neutral’ state, where things are balanced. 

Hence, what one should eat more of depends on the body constitution of each individual.  For example, blood is considered as Yang in TCM. During a woman’s reproductive years, they experience blood loss due to menses, which puts their body in the Yin stage. Therefore, they should consume more ‘warm’ food such as meat and avoid salads which are categorized as ‘cool’. 

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So Is Diet Good In The Eyes Of TCM? 

With that being said, diets that promote a balanced diet – both veggies and meat are generally recommended compared to diets that are restricted to vegetables only.  However, that’s not to say that you can’t enjoy a bowl of salad or cold pressed juice for juice cleanse! 

Besides, there are also foods which are natural appetite suppressants that can aid you to lose weight naturally. Other than dieting, you can consider these healthier options too. 

Changing Food Properties

Did you know that you can change food properties either through adding spices or via your cooking method? For your smoothies, add in a slice of ginger! Fresh ginger is considered ‘hot’, so adding ginger or other ‘hot’ spices can help to balance out the ‘cool’ properties of the food. 

Cooking food can also change the properties. For example, raw sushi is ‘cool’ but by cooking it, it neutralizes the cooling nature! 

No matter which diet trend you choose to follow, always remember to eat a balanced diet!