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Whenever we think of the word arthritis, we tend to associate it with elderly having stiffness and pain in their joints. That’s because most of us have probably heard our grandpa or grandma predicting how it’s going to rain soon as their arthritis is acting up. 

To gain a clearer understanding of arthritis, did you know that there are more than 100 different types of arthritis? Arthritis can be divided into mainly 4 categories – degenerative, inflammatory, infectious and metabolic. 

Treatment varies widely for each type of arthritis. Though there is no sure-proof way to prevent arthritis, we can reduce the risk of having arthritis! Maintaining a healthy weight, taking 健康补品 and food rich in vitamin D are just some of the many ways to lead a healthy lifestyle! 

With these myths busted, learn to better maintain your joint health!

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Kids as young as six months old can get arthritis too! The most common type of arthritis, degenerative arthritis – a result of ageing, affects older people. However, it can affect people who play sports as a result of wear and tear. But for inflammatory arthritis, it can affect anyone regardless of age.

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There is a belief that weather can affect arthritis; some even believe that they can predict the weather much better than the weather forecast! However, so far there isn’t any scientific evidence to prove that rainy days affect the level of arthritis pain. 

So next time when you hear your grandparents predicting the weather, just take it with a grain of salt. But of course, it doesn’t hurt to always have an umbrella with you when you’re out.

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Some of us love cracking our knuckles and it becomes a habit. But there’s also that fear lingering at the back of the mind that cracking knuckles constantly will lead to arthritis. 

Cracking your knuckles is akin to the popping sound you hear from your knees when you stretch out your legs – it’s painless and harmless! Sound is created when you apply pressure on your knuckles, bursting the bubble of nitrogen gas that was trapped in the fluid of your joints. Therefore, cracking knuckles has no harmful effect on our joints. 

But if cracking your knuckles does produce pain, it’s worth checking it out with your doctor just to make sure that everything is alright.

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People with arthritis should avoid vigorous exercise, but that does not mean they should cut out exercise entirely! Working out can help them to maintain a healthy weight, and lessen the stress on knees and other joints which bear the weight. Some exercises recommended for people with arthritis include tai chi, yoga, pilates and more!


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