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Backaches, morning sickness and indigestion during pregnancy are just some of the common symptoms moms-to-be experience. While pregnancy is a joyous experience, these symptoms can often turn pregnancy into a nightmare. 

While medication can help to relieve these symptoms, some prefer to look for a natural alternative to minimalize any possible or potential side effects on the foetus. 中医 is one good solution! However, as with any other foods, expectant mothers should be cautious and always consult their doctors or a certified TCM physician as it might have possible effects on the baby. 

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1. Ginseng

Ginseng is probably the most popular TCM herb well-known for its many health benefits and its easy to see why it comes at a cost! For moms who experience gestational diabetes during pregnancy, ginseng is a good herb that can help to lower the blood sugar level. It can help to give more energy too if pregnant mums find themselves constantly short of breath or lethargic. As good as it sounds, it is best to consume ginseng not more than twice a week.

2. Bird’s Nest

Though bird nest might sound gross as it is actually formed by a male swiftlet’s saliva, it is effective in boosting one’s overall immunity. It contains phosphorus and calcium which can aid the foetus in their development as they develop quickly during the fifth to the seventh month of pregnancy. It is also good for mothers who have a loss of appetite or indigestion. Bird nest are generally safe for consumption in moderation. 

3. Dang Gui

Dang Gui is usually prescribed for ladies’ consumption during their menstruation as it can help to regulate periods and improve blood flow in the body. Dang Gui is good for postpartum period as well as during pregnancy, but avoid consumption during the early stages of pregnancy. Expectant mothers should consult their TCM physician if they wish to consume Dang Gui.

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4. Gingko Nuts

Gingko nuts can often be seen in Chinse desserts. They are rich in antioxidants, good for relieving cough and can help moms-to-be prevent frequent urination, especially during the night so they can have a better sleep. 5-8 ginkgo nuts are recommended per day. 

5. Lingzhi

Lingzhi, also known as Reishi mushroom is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and an immunity booster. It has been used for thousands of years in pregnancy as it is believed to help calm mothers. It also helps to build a strong immune system for not only the mother but also the foetus as well when consumed during pregnancy. However, as there are not a lot of data on the effects of Lingzhi on pregnant woman, its best to consult your doctor or TCM physician before consumption of Lingzhi.