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From peaches, eggs to shellfish, people can suffer from any food allergy. While some cases are mild, others can develop a serious allergy that can be life-threatening when they accidentally eat some foods without realizing it. This happens in many instances where children are offered foods that may contain an allergen. People with food allergies often have to carry medication with them wherever they go as a form of precaution.

While food is meant to nourish the body, it becomes harmful to the body for some people. Food allergies happen when the immune system identifies the food as a danger to the body, resulting in responses such as shortness of breath. Though scientists aren’t exactly sure why certain people develop allergies towards certain foods, it might have something to do with genetics. 

根据 中医, food allergies are seen as a sign of imbalance in the body system. It indicates that Qi in the stomach is not flowing well, causing an imbalance in the digestive system. This cause the stomach to be unable to fully process certain foods properly. Some certified TCM physicians can prescribe herbal treatments and other forms of TCM treatments to help patients with their food allergies. 

While it is best to seek professional help if your food allergy is severe, you can also practice some of these natural remedies below to help with your allergy other than strict avoidance of the food.

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1. Food For The Stomach

The stomach is warm by nature, so avoid cold foods and beverages as much as possible! This applies to raw foods such as sashimi as well. Eat warm foods instead such as ginger and garlic. Also, look out for foods that are good for the stomach so the stomach is strengthened! A strong stomach can help to digest your food better.

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2. Practice Qigong

According to TCM, Qi is the life-force in the body. Practising Qigong can help to stimulate the flow of Qi in the body, allowing it to flow freely. This can help the Qi in your stomach so that you can ingest foods better. 

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3. Acupuncture

Some have turned to acupuncture to help relieve their food allergies symptoms. Always look for a certified TCM doctor and let them know your condition so that the physicians can prescribe a suitable treatment. While some require acupuncture, others might require oral herbal medications. For normal skin relief, TCM supplements such as the 皮肤敏感胶囊

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4. Citrus fruits and berries

Bioflavonoids is a plant-based chemical that can be found in citrus fruits and berries like blackcurrant. They can act as natural antihistamines that may help in reducing the symptoms of food allergies. 

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5. Supplements

You can also try supplements, such as vitamin B5. It can help to boost immune system so that the body does not overreact to triggers.