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4 种令人惊讶排毒肝脏和身体的简单方法

Been binge eating and drinking regularly late at night? Are you worried that it’s taking a toll on your liver health? 

While we are exercising and sleeping less due to the lifestyle today, at the same time we are also indulging in plenty of delicious food. Feasting too much for a prolonged period of time will cause health problems to rise, such as having a fatty liver, high blood cholesterol and other chronic illnesses.

As a result, our overall health gets affected and our body immunity may also be compromised. So, how do we practice good 肝脏护理 and better care for our body?

While there are all kinds of detox diet, there are also easy ways to detoxify our body. Learn how we can regulate our digestive tract and remove the toxins from our body below!

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#1. 多喝水

Contrary to common misconceptions that you require the use of laxatives and diuretics to remove the “toxins” from your body, drinking water is actually one of the simplest yet effective ways to rejuvenate your body.

The uses of water for your body are far more than just quenching your thirst. Not only it is important for digestion and absorption of your food, water also regulate your body temperature and help to remove the waste products from your body.

Did you know that the feeling of thirst is actually your body signaling to you that you’re dehydrated? You should be drinking at least 2 litres of water daily – not reaching for a cup of water only when you’re thirsty. 

In our body, there are many metabolic processes which will produce a lot of waste products. In layman terms, the waste products are like the “toxins” in the body. An accumulation of these “toxins” or waste products in the body will result in serious health conditions. To prevent that, adequate water intake is required to effectively remove the waste products via excretion (urine), sweating and respiration (breathing). So, in order to achieve detoxification for our bodies, remember to always stay hydrated!

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#2. 多吃抗氧化食物

Free radicals are known molecules that can harm our body cells. Excessive production of free radicals in our bodies can easily result in oxidative stress, causing damage to our bodies. It is believed that free radical damage to our body over a long duration of time can cause problems like liver problems, heart diseases, cancer and dementia.

Scary as it may sound, there is a pretty straightforward method to solve this harsh condition: eating more antioxidant foods. As the name suggests, antioxidants are a group of compounds which can inhibit the process of oxidation caused by free radicals. Thus, by consuming more antioxidant foods, we can easily negate and prevent harmful damages done by the free radicals.

抗氧化化合物的一些常见例子包括维生素 A、维生素 E、叶黄素和番茄红素。如果您想通过食物获得这些抗氧化化合物,您可以考虑水果、蔬菜、浆果、可可、坚果和绿茶。避免摄入过多加工食品和含糖食品。通过这样做,您可以“解毒”您体内的有害自由基。

#3. 大豆卵磷脂


One of the most well-known supplements which can help lower blood cholesterol is none other than lecithin. Research has shown that lecithin not only helps to lower the bad blood cholesterol, it can also help to elevate the levels of good blood cholesterol.

Soy is the most commonly used ingredient to extract lecithin. What makes soy lecithin so effective is because it is rich in Choline, which maintains proper liver activity and functions in the transport of fats out of the liver. So, get your daily dose of soy lecithin today!

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根据 中医药 ,肝脂肪和血脂过多,多是因高脂外伤脾脏所致;像是高热量饮食和过量饮酒。当脾脏受损时,肝脏的正常功能会受到影响,导致脂质代谢紊乱,从而导致血脂水平异常。