Over the years, cases of blindness occurring in the elderly have been increasing at a phenomenal speed. There is undoubtedly a lot of factors contributing to the rise of these cases, but one of the biggest theory is the daily use of electronic devices.  In this digital age with convenience at the tip of our fingers – whether it’s looking for information, news or entertainment, it’s easy to see why we spend so much time on our mobile phones. 

This is especially common when you see husbands who are on their phones while they wait for the wives shopping in the store or out on a date, playing mobile video games or scrolling endlessly through their social media account. Being addicted to the phone is not only bad for eyesight, but it also destroys the quality time spent together too with your significant other. For wives with husbands who can’t seem to take their eyes off the screen, learn how damaging it is for their vision and the ways you can take to start protecting their eyes. 

Have you also nagged at your husband for constantly using his phone in bed with the lights off? While many of us utilize the night mode function on the phone so that it will be less strenuous on the eye when using our phones in the dark, we end up being on the phone longer than before. Staring at the screen for a prolonged period of time exposes our eye to the harmful blue lights that can potentially damage the sensitive parts of our eyes and lead to blindness as a result. 

Signs and Symptoms 

If you or your partner have any of these symptoms, you might have Computer Vision Syndrome. 

    • Blurred vision
    • Neck and shoulder strain 
    • Headache 
    • Dry eyes

Your eye health is affected if you ever find yourself with any of these symptoms accompanied by the frequent use of mobile or staring at the screen. Other than practising good habits such as taking a break from the screen every 20 minutes and using blue filters on the screens of all electronic devices, eating the right food and supplement can also aid in improving eye health

Foods For The Eye 

Eating a healthy diet which includes lots of veggies and fruits that packed with nutrients for the eye is a good start. Eat green leafy vegetables such as spinach and kale as well as oily fish that are rich in healthy omega-3. Nuts, beans, eggs and other foods rich in protein is also good for the eye. However, a lot people dislike eating vegetables. If you find it hard to include these foods into your diet, another alternative that can help is health supplements! 

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) health supplements

TCM health supplements 例如 “全连好眼晶” combines the best of both traditional Chinese herbs and modern science into one highly effective natural supplement for healthy eyes. According to TCM, most ailments affecting the eyes are caused by unhealthy livers. Therefore, the key to good vision is a healthy liver. All Link Bright Eyes+ is formulated with a special blend of classic botanical herbs such as wolfberry, chrysanthemum, cassia seed and dendrobium that boost liver health.

Another recommended health supplement that is good for the eye is All Link Wu Ling Shen Sweet Dreams. It is a natural herbal sleep supplement that is made from a high value medicinal fungus – fermented Wu Ling Shen extract and a herb – lemon Balm. Wu Ling Shen helps address sleep issues and from a TCM perspective, promotes natural healthy sleep by regulating the yin-yang balance of the body. Modern research has shown that Wu Ling Shen’s unique combination of sleep nutrients can help to relax the brain and promote calmness. Combined with Lemon Balm it provides additional benefits to mental health. Lemon Balm has a natural calming and soothing effect and helps reduce feeling of fatigue and stress.