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Dementia is affecting one out of every 10 people who are aged 60 years old and above in Singapore. According to a study done in Singapore, this number is expected to continue to increase to 100,000 people who will be diagnosed with dementia by 2030. 

What is dementia? 

We usually see dementia patients portrayed as having memory loss in movies and shows, ranging from mild to severe cases. Dementia is actually a term used to characterize a decline in the cognitive function – whether it’s memory, language, or other thinking skills that affect one’s day-to-day activities. 

Types of Dementia

There are different types of dementia, but the two most common types are Alzhemier’s DiseaseVascular Dementia. While it is still unknown what causes Alzhemier’s Disease, Vascular Dementia is caused by strokes. The strokes affect the blood flow to the brain, affect the cognitive function. 

Dementia patients not only have a decreased quality of life, but they also require a constant caregiver to look after them to ensure their own safety. Though there is no cure for dementia, studies have shown that the risk of dementia can be reduced. Other than supplementing your diet with TCM supplements for brain, here are 5 ways to reduce the risk of dementia. 




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1. Healthy Lifestyle

It is recommended to have at least 30 minutes of exercise 5 times a week, but with the hectic lifestyle it is easy to neglect the need for exercise. Exercising can reduce the risk of developing dementia by up to 50%! Whether its jogging, cycling, yoga or taichi, get your body moving and it can slow down the deterioration of cognitive problems. It also helps elderly to maintain their balance and stay agile, reducing their chance of falling down. 

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2. Balanced Diet

Consume superfood that is good for the brain such as salmons and walnuts which are high in omega fats that may lower your odds of getting dementia. Having a healthy diet such as cutting on foods that are high in sugar and fats also lower other health complications such as diabetes or stroke. Other than that, it is also essential to supplement your diet with health supplements such as vitamin E or the Activated Ginkgo Tablets. Gingko has been used by TCM for years as it is believed to help boost blood circulation to the brain.

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3. Reduce Stress

If you are constantly under stress, it will certainly take a toll on your health both physically and mentally. Relieve stress by meditating or taking time out for your hobby to relax – whether it is spending time with your pet, cooking or hiking. Going out with friends and socializing helps too!  

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4. Brain Games

Brain games help to stimulate the brain, keeping the brain active! Complete the crossword puzzles in the newspaper, complete math puzzles such as sudoku or other puzzles games that can be easily downloaded on the phone!

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5. Quality Sleep

When we sleep, the body repairs damaged cells and generates proteins that are essential for bodily functions. Sleep recharges the body so don’t dismiss it as being unimportant! Make sure you have quality sleep by going to bed at a regular time and keep your phones away!