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Red yeast rice has been used by the Chinese since many centuries ago as a food preservative, food colouring, spice and for medicinal purposes. It is only in recent years red yeast rice has regained its popularity due to a discovery by science that it may contain compounds that can effectively lower blood cholesterol. It is now commonly sold as an over-the-counter supplement to help manage cholesterol levels and improve overall health.

High blood Cholesterol: Bad for the heart?

To understand why we require red yeast rice, we have to begin by looking deeper into the medical condition it is supposed to help with: High Blood Cholesterol. The medical term for the commonly known high blood cholesterol is called hypercholesterolemia, a form of hyperlipidemia.

Not all forms of cholesterol are bad for our body. Cholesterol is a waxy substance found inside our bodies and is required to help manufacture key components for healthy living cells. However, if there are too much of these cholesterol inside our bodies, they will form sticky fatty deposits to our blood vessels and cause worsening obstructions to the blood flow through our arteries. Eventually, these accumulations of fatty cholesterol deposits will lead to heart diseases, endangering our lives. 

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As mentioned previously, not all forms of cholesterol are bad for our bodies. There are 2 main kinds of cholesterol transport: the High-Density Lipoproteins (HDLs) and the Low-Density Lipoproteins (LDLs). The Low-Density Lipoproteins are the commonly known “bad guys” who help to transport the cholesterol particles all around our body and cause the LDL cholesterol to accumulate and build up inside the vascular walls of the blood arteries.

This will cause the obstructive heart diseases to occur if untreated. On the other end, the HDLs are the “good” cholesterol. Their presence help to pick up the excess bad cholesterol  and bring them back to our liver for processing. That is where the “bad” cholesterol can be cleared by the liver

So what happens if you are being diagnosed with high blood cholesterol?     

In general, the doctor will prescribe statins, a form of medication to help control blood cholesterol levels in the body. The statins normally work in 2 ways: one is to directly stop the production of cholesterol in the body and the other is to help the body reabsorb cholesterol that has caused the build-up of plaques in the vascular walls of our blood arteries.

While statins are effective in doing their job to control blood cholesterol levels, it may come with a heavy price. In fact, once you start on statins, you may likely have to take it for the rest of your life. It may be very dangerous if you are to suddenly stop on your statin medications.

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Another problem with statin medications is the possibility of side effects. Some of the common effects of statin medications include headaches, sore throat, muscle and joint pains. This is the reason why one should consider committing to  a change of lifestyle and diet habits before taking medications.

A healthy diet, regular sleep and active exercises can help to reduce cholesterol levels in our body and at the same time, ease off the threat of heart problems. At the same time, you can consider the use of supplements to help with your condition. One of the most popular supplements to aid those who are suffering from slightly high levels of cholesterol is none other than red yeast rice.

The well-known Asian natural remedy for blood cholesterol: Red Yeast Rice Benefits

Red yeast rice is rice that has been fermented by the red yeast, Monscus purpureus, which gives it its distinctive purplish-red or reddish brown colour. Besides its cholesterol-lowering properties, red yeast rice has also been studied extensively and is discovered to have other benefits as well.

It may help to prevent the occurrence of risk factors such as high blood pressure, excess body fat, increased blood sugar or cholesterol. Red yeast rice may also help reduce inflammation in the body. Some studies have also shown that red yeast rice may limit the growth and spread of cancer cells.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), red yeast rice is believed to invigorate blood, strengthen spleen function and boost qi. In most conditions of high blood cholesterol, patients shared similar symptoms of the TCM syndrome diagnosis of a weak spleen. The properties of red yeast rice will help to tonify the spleen and help regulate the blood flow in the body. At the same time, red yeast rice is also believed to help in our digestion.

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All Link Red Yeast Rice

All Link Medical and Health Pte Ltd has 2 different forms of red yeast rice supplement formulation. One of them is the All Link Red Yeast Rice for Men. All Link Red Yeast Rice for Men is an innovative, dual action formula specifically designed to maintain healthy blood lipid levels and support men’s health.

It is further enhanced by 6 other treasured herbs such as Cortex Eucommiae and Radix Morindae Officinalis. Regular consumption helps maintain normal cholesterol levels and a healthier cardiovascular system. It is especially suitable for men with high cholesterol and lipids. The other is the All Link Red Yeast Rice for Women which serves to specifically support women’s health and is further enhanced by 6 other treasured herbs such as Fuctus Ligustri Lucidi and Herba Ecliptae. So depending on your gender, you can pick the correct supplement to start controlling your blood cholesterol today.

Red Yeast Rice For Women

Other than lowering your blood cholesterol levels and stimulating digestion, red yeast rice can also improve cardiovascular system. Red yeast rice is also available for men 按这个链接.

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