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What is Vaping or E-cigarette? 

E-cigarettes, also known as vaping, is often perceived as the ‘healthier’ option to smoking cigarettes.  They are usually advertised as the safer alternative and a solution that can help smokers to quit smoking. They use cartridges filled with liquid, also known as vape juices. The liquid in the cartridges is then heated into vapor, which the user inhales. 

Unlike the regular cigarettes, the vapor from vaping contains no odor at all. It might even smell fruity or sweet, based on the flavors of the vape juice. Due to this, younger teens may mistake vaping as being safe. However, the liquids actually contain the same amount of nicotine which are the same as a full pack of cigarettes! The chemicals also contain other toxic and dangerous substances. 

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Types of E-cigarettes

There are also different types of e-cigarettes on the market, from the cigalike, vape pen, box mod to vape mod. Nicotine levels can be highly variable depending on the way e-cigarette is used or modified. 

    • First generation of e-cigarettes. They’re made to mimic the look of an actual cigarette. They’re non-refillable or rechargeable so after they run out of liquid, they will be discarded.
    • Second generation of e-cigarettes come with prefilled or refillable cartridges which allows users to choose from a wide range of flavours. It also comes with a battery which allows it to be recharged once it runs out of battery. 
    • Third generation of e-cigarettes. They’re pretty much similar to the second generation with the exception of one feature – these are made customizable! Users can modify the substances in the device, and hence their name tanks or mods. 
    • Fourth generation of e-cigarettes. For the latest generation, a wider variety of designs are available and they are known as Pod Mods where they’re also prefilled or refillable. However, Pod Mods 
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Health Effects of Vaping

Though e-cigarettes hasn’t been invented too long ago, it poses a series of health risks: 

    • Causes lung damage, and even death
    • Affects brain development, making it harder to learn and concentrate
    • Increase in blood pressure
    • Increase the risk of cancer due to the chemicals and substances such as formaldehyde and acetaldehyde found in e-cigarettes. 

Whether you’re smoking a cigarette or an e-cigarette, both are equally as harmful to your health!

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Quit Smoking With Acupuncture

Trying to quit smoking is no easy feat. In the process, you might experience smoking withdrawal symptoms such as feeling irritable, headaches, tired, making it hard to quit smoking entirely. If you’ve tried to quit smoking without much success, give acupuncture a try! 

The first image that naturally comes to mind when talking about acupuncture is the tons of thin needles sticking into various parts of the body. Despite using needles, acupuncture is not painful. What these needles do is help to stimulate the flow of energy to specific areas of the body. 

What acupuncture aims to do here is to ease the withdrawal symptoms by stimulating the liver function. Withdrawals symptoms experienced are believed to be related to the liver function. For someone who smokes, his liver has gotten used to being stimulated by tobacco. This means that the liver became dependent on tobacco to supply energy. When the smoker stops smoking, the liver does not have enough energy to function properly due to the absence of tobacco. 

根据 another theory, smoking withdrawal symptoms come from the vagus nerves. Through acupuncture, inserting a needle in the ear where it’s presumably closest to the vagus nerves, it can help to block the flow of withdrawal symptoms. 

This will greatly increase the success of smoking cessation. However, more studies do need to be carried out to test the accuracy of the theory.

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