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Why You Should Start Taking Flat Feet Seriously

Why is Flat Feet Bad? 

Feet is the foundation of a good posture. Though flat feet is a pretty common condition and it does not pose any life-threatening medication condition, it can cause a poor standing and walking posture that can lead to other health issues. A collapsed arch isn’t only making you more prone to losing balance and tripping over, it can lead to issues that require surgery! 

Visiting an orthotist

If you have flat feet, you should get diagnosed by an orthotist. Buying a ready-made sole insert can help to provide more cushion for your feet so that it makes standing and walking more comfortable, but they do not necessarily correct your posture. 

Orthotist will be able to take a scan of your feet and help to custom-made one that helps the weight to be evenly distributed around your feet when you walk or run, minimizing any other joint injury that might be caused by flat feet. You may also check out All Link Zu Gen Tong. if you experiences some pain in your heel.

On top of visiting an orthotist, these are 4 ways can help those with flat feet to prevent any foot injury or joint pain. 

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1. Lose Weight

The pressure that is put on the knees and ankle is one and a half times of your body weight, so any excess weight can really stress the knees. Shed off some kgs so that it helps to lessen the pressure on your knees. 

2. Warm-ups and stretches

We know how cool down after an exercise is important, but did you know that warming up before an exercise is just as important? Especially if you have flat feet, doing a warmup before your usual exercise routine can help to stretch your muscles and ensure that you do not get hurt easily. 

3. Bandage

The elastic compression bandage made for knees and ankles is not just for relieving swelling. They can help your joints to stabilize better too so that you are less prone to injuries.

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4. Wear Shoes

As much as possible, wear shoes instead of other footwear such as slippers and sandals, or even high heels. Slippers definitely offer you the convenience when you are going to the Try these five home reliefs if you have lower retention in your lower body! Compression stockings, reducing your salt intake, resting your legs above the heart level are just some of the solutions you can try! nearby mart. Hwoever, if you are heading out for a whole day, its best to put on your shoes with the custom-made inserts to give your feet better support. If you have to wear high heels, bring an extra pair of shoes so that you can change out of it.