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When it comes to supplements for athletes’ muscle building or sports recovery, their number one choice is often L-arginine. What exactly is L-arginine and what is so amazing about it that every sportsman is crazy about?

L-arginine, also simply known as arginine, is an alpha amino acid which is required for the biosynthesis of proteins for our body use. As it is an essential amino acid, our bodies are unable to produce arginine and thus we need to derive this special nutrient from our diet. 

Some of the common sources of L-arginine foods include meat, dairy products, eggs and even plant sources like nuts and beans. While there is a huge selection of foods that do contain arginine, it may be at times insufficient for men whose bodies are under constant pressure of work, family, physical and mental demands.

The deficiency becomes even more significant in ageing men due to their regressing health state. Thus, it is advisable for men of various age groups to make efforts to supplement L-arginine compounds into their daily diet to help achieve the daily intake requirements. This is especially so for the active athletes, the stressed working adults and the tired elderly.

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Now that we understand what is l-arginine, who needs l-arginine and how to get l-arginine, the next important question to answer is: Why should we spend money and time on this amino acid supplement? What are the actual L-arginine benefits to our bodies?

1. Aiding in recovery

Arginine can help in the recovery of our body in many ways. One of which includes wound healing. Studies have shown that high concentrations of arginine can aid in collagen deposition and strengthening of the wound site, helping in the cellular recovery. Other than aiding wound healing, arginine also plays an important role to help our muscles recover.

Arginine has the unique function of increasing blood flow in blood arteries. With the improved blood circulation, nutrients and oxygen will be able to reach the strained or developing muscle tissues much faster.

These muscle tissues need to be repaired fast so that they can become tougher and ready for work again. So, for any exercise or training regime, it is advisable for the participants, especially the athletes to supplement arginine adequately to quicken the growth and recovery of the various muscle groups. 

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2. Heart benefits

There are various heart medications and supplements in the market which protect our heart. One of the prominent supplements proven to be useful is none other than L-arginine! In fact, there have been a number of studies which suggest that L-arginine can help to preserve our heart health.

In our body, the consumed L-arginine will be converted into nitric oxide (NO), which is a useful neurotransmitter compound. This nitric oxide will then aid in vasodilation – the relaxing of the blood vessels and at the same time, improve the overall blood circulation.

The improved blood flow in the arteries of our heart will be able to ease the undesirable symptoms of heart-related conditions, like angina (also known as chest pain), coronary heart disease and clogged arteries,

This is why L-arginine remains one of the top choice for supplements for heart health. 

3. Pain moderation

One interesting fact about L-arginine is its ability to induce analgesic effects.This means good news for patients suffering from persistent pain issues or certain medical conditions that can cause chronic nerve pain or neuropathy.

Neuropathy occurs in our limbs due to nerve damage, introducing different pain sensations like tingling, numbness, burning and electricity shocks. While L-arginine may not be the solution to the underlying medical diseases, it helps to reduce inflammation and improve blood circulation.

Often, in patients suffering from long term pain conditions, one of the main reasons behind the pain is the overwhelming inflammatory molecules clogging over at the affected areas, impeding circulation and producing pain signals. L-arginine helps by utilizing blood flow to “chase” off the inflammatory particles.

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4. Reproductive functions

The last benefit of L-arginine concerns 男性健康. There are two key pathways of how L-arginine can help in male reproductive and sexual functions.

Firstly, relying on the above mechanism of Nitric Oxide conversion as discussed above, L-arginine can help to increase blood flow to extremities, including the male organs and thus boosting stamina and performances. L-arginine also improves the quality of sperms as L-arginine are part of the building blocks for sperms.

Additionally, studies have shown that the consumption of L-arginine supplements can aid in the increased sperm motility with better Adenosine Triphosphate (packets of energy) production.

Couples who are trying for a new addition to the family especially those on ivf, may consider supplementing with L-arginine to increase the probability of success. 

With all that said, when you are searching for a good product for a boost in your cardiovascular and male health, remember to look out for those which contain l-arginine! One such product which contains L-arginine is the Men’s Boost+!


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