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Whether it’s drinking antelope water from the 中医 store to bring down the fever, placing an icepack on the forehead to cool down or take over-the-counter medications, there are many various ways to treat fever. 

One of the many ways includes sweating the fever out by covering a blanket with over yourself or exercise to encourage sweating. When the weather is hot and the body temperature starts to rise, the body will naturally produce sweat so that heat will be taken away when sweat evaporates. Sweating when you have a fever is thought to help cool down the body too. 

So does sweating really works? 

Keep in mind that fever is usually a sign of certain infection – you should be looking to treat that infection instead of the fever. 

There is no evidence to show that sweating is beneficial to bring down a fever. On the contrary, it might have some potential side effects. 

    • High fever. If you are having a fever, bundling warm to encourage sweating or exercising might, on the other hand, continue to raise your body temperature. This can lead to high fever. Instead of trying to encourage sweating, stay cool and wait for the fever to be brought back down. 
    • Dehydration. During a fever, the body loses alot of body fluids which is why you’ve probably heard your mom asking you to load up on 100plus to replenish your body. Sweating more run the risks of dehydration if you do not replenish your electrolytes.
    • Exhaustion. Exercising can cause you to become even weaker when you have a fever as fever is usually accompanied with sore muscles. Rest in bed and that might help to speed up your recovery! 
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Bring Down Fever With TCM

Instead of trying to bring your fever down by sweating it out, here are some other safer ways with TCM methods! 

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Lemon Juice

Other than commonly used for treating sore throat and other 常见疾病。, lemon juice is also good for bringing the fever down. Add some raw honey for taste. This is a good alternative for kids who find it difficult to drink herbal tea!

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Herbal Tea

Herbal teas have been used by the ancient Chinese for thousands of years. Known to have cooling properties, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is believed to help cool your body and bring your temperature down when you have a fever. Some herbal teas include elderflowers, white willow bark and more. If you are not sure which herbal teas is effective for fever, visit the nearest herbal store and they will be able to advise you!

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Acupressure can be used to bring down a fever. Massage the points on your hands, elbow and on the hand using your finger for 1-2 minutes. Using acupressure can also help to increase the flow of ‘qi’, promoting wellness and health to the body.