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We’ve probably seen how a Tuina masseur will knead, press or rub on the affected areas of a person’s body using just their palms and fingertips. How is that different from a normal massage? 

中医 的角度来看,确保阴阳和谐对一个人的健康至关重要。当阴阳不协调或不平衡时,身体就不会处于最佳状态。例如,阳过多会导致发烧,而阴过多可能意味着体内湿气过多,会导致恶心和呕吐。 

在推拿按摩中,推拿按摩师专注于调节体内 (能量)的流动。他们通过识别您身体的区域并使用某些按摩技术来消除您身体中阻止气流的任何阻塞来做到这一点。当体内的气(能量)流动恢复时,这会促进愈合。 . When the flow of (energy) is restored in the body, this promotes healing. 

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And that’s the difference between a normal message and a TCM massage! TCM massage is founded on TCM principles while a normal massage is not. A normal massage generally targets specific areas of the body which is feeling sore whereas Tuina massage locates and massage parts of the body to bring about healing to the whole body, treating both the external and the internal.


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The techniques used by your TCM masseur can be categorized under either a Yin or Yang approach as well. The Yin techniques are more gentle and passive, while the Yang techniques will be more active and dynamic which tends to create a more intense sensation. 

根据您的状况和需求,您的医生会推荐合适的技术来帮助调整您的身体并调节您体内的 能量)流动。不同于一般的按摩,推拿不仅可以保持身体的健康,还可以治疗疼痛和疾病。 


  • 颈部和背部疼痛
  • 消化困难
  • 压力
  • 经前综合症
  • 疲劳和失眠
  • 头痛 
  • 关节炎和骨质疏松症
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Though tuina massage is generally safe, it is not a gentle or relaxing massage like the standard massage services offer. For people who have fractures, inflammation or any open wounds, tuina massages is not recommended. People with a history of chronic back pain are advised to opt out of tuina massage as well. 

Always make sure that you go to a reputable TCM practitioner and consult your doctor if it is advisable for you to go for tuina massages!